Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yankees or Giants? Baseball or football? Fox forces fans to pick sides.

Yet again New York area sports fans are being forced to choose between teams (or spend the evening at a sports bar) -- all because of stupid Fox Sports. FOOOOOOOOX!

Do they watch the 5 - 1 NY Giants play the Arizona Cardinals at Giants Stadium (in New Jersey) tonight at 8:20 ET on NBC? Or do they watch the NY Yankees play the Los Angeles Angels for the American League pennant tonight over at Yankee Stadium starting at 8:20 ET over on Fox? (Btw, for all you readers in the Tri-State area, avoid the Cross Bronx Expressway at all costs this evening. Heck, avoid the Bronx entirely, unless you want to spend your evening in your car.)

For die-hard New York sports fans it's a bit like Sophie's Choice as most Yankees fans are die-hard Giants fans and vice versa.

The spouse predicts that more people will be watching the Yankees game -- and will only flip over to the Giants game during commercial breaks. (That is unless they turn their bedroom into a sports bar.) Me? I will be watching my beloved Giants on NBC Sunday Night Football -- unless they suck, in which case I will begrudgingly flip over to Fox and watch the Yankees, even though I loathe the Yankees. LOATHE. THEM. (Personal note: For a lifelong Mets fan the thought of a Yankees - Philadelphia World Series makes the stomach churn.)

In a no-brainer, I will also be watching the New York Jets and Mark Sanchez take on the Oakland Raiders out in Oakland, California, where it's supposed to be in the 70s today, at 4:05 ET this afternoon. Hopefully the warm, sunny weather will restore Sanchez's throwing arm and revitalize the Jets defense so they can go above .500.

Check in tomorrow for my post-game update.


Jeff Schiff said...

Miss J2 oh, oh, oh... Are you looking to shed readership? If not, I strongly suggest you keep your anti-Yankee sentiments to your suddenly all too New Englandy (read: snooty) self.

I suggest you not watch the Jets today, but, rather, devote that time to figuring out why so many Giants fans are indeed rabid Yankee fans.

BTW: nice thongs. I say: good enough to hug your butt cheeks, good enough to display on your TV.

J. said...

@Jeff Schiff: "all too New Englandy"?! Excuse me? When I last checked the New York Mets played at Citi Field in Queens, not in New England. As for "snooty," you Yank-me fans are way snootier than us scruffy Mets fans (who tend to root for the Jets). As for why many Giants fans are also rabid Yankee fans, I believe it has to do with rooting for winners, as opposed to Mets - Jets fans, who root for the scrappy underdog (she wrote adjusting her Jets thong).

Anonymous said...

Fox Sports-Phewy! Again???? Yoiu guys suck!

Will be watching the Giants and cherring on the Phillies since the Mets are out. I am with you. Love me some Mets (allowed me to live in Red Sox Nation for a few years)

Warm weather for Sanchez???...think he will go shirtless??? Gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

OK OK retracting cougar talons now...

EMM said...

I would love to see the Angels win. If not...ugh, will root for the Phillies.

J. said...

@Anonymous: Sanchez just needs to play in sunny, 70-degree weather every week -- and against the Raiders. And no, I would not object to an opponent ripping the shirt off Sanchez. ;-)

@EMM: The Angels need to fly in Pat Sajak! ;-)

Jake said...

This alleged bandwagoner for one sewed his Yank/Jint oats in the era of Horace and Homer (Clarke and Jones). The underdogs in the era of Tom Teriffic and Broadway Joe. I beg to differ with the "rooting for winners" hypothesis. I also love that Met fans play the "scruffy" card. Number 2 payroll in MLB with nada to show for it. At least the Yanks are good at being capitalist pigs. Let's talk when the Mets have a payroll like the Pittsurgh Pirates and change the name of the stadium to Bagel Nosh

Janney said...

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