Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Five Adult Halloween Costumes 2009

Per a press release I just received from shopping search engine, the five top-selling Halloween costumes for adults for the 2009 Halloween season are (drum roll, please):

1. Vampire

2. Sexy Nurse

3. Michael Jackson

4. Star Wars

5. Sexy Santa

I have to admit, I'm kind of surprised by some of these.

The vampire thing I totally get, what with The Twilight Saga: New Moon about to come out and the Vampire Chronicles airing on TV.

And who doesn't love a sexy nurse? (Talk about your visiting nurse service. Slightly O/T: I once had a boss who dressed up as "Dr. Ben Dover" one Halloween and went around the office asking female employees if they'd like him to examine them. Ah, the good old days.)

But a sexy Santa? Really? Maybe if your idea of "sexy" is a fat guy in a red suit with too much facial hair. Or maybe they mean (a young, buff) Fabio as Santa... or that guy to the left in the photo. I'd sit on his lap any day.

Oh wait. I just looked it up and they mean sexy Santa helper. Sheesh. Talk about ho ho hos. If Santa had that kind of help, I doubt he'd ever leave the North Pole. (And Mrs. Claus would have filed for divorce years ago.)

As for Michael Jackson, I am not thrilled by the prospect of hoards of little zombie Michael Jacksons descending on my house for Halloween. Though I admit I am tickled by the idea of dumping candy into little Michael's trick-or-treat bag with the admonition "Just eat it."

Lastly, Star Wars? Still? Really? Aren't we over the whole Star Wars-Darth Vader-Imperial Stormtrooper-Chewbacca thing by now, people? Though I guess the sexy Princess Leia slave girl metal bikini costume never goes out of style.

But what's up with the sexy Amidala costume? Seriously, check out the heels on those boots and you tell me how many Sith or Imperial Stormtroopers she'd outrun or gun down in those. And I'm pretty sure in the Star Wars movies Amidala didn't bear her navel either.

Well, no matter what you dress up as, may the Force -- and good weather -- be with you this Halloween.

UPDATED 10/30/09: Oh. My. God. Et tu, TODAY Show? For those who didn't catch The TODAY Show this morning, this year's Halloween theme is/was... Star Wars. Noooooooooo. I cannot bring myself to embed the video clip here, but if you are really interested in seeing Matt Lauer as Luke Skywalker, Meredith Vieira as Princess Leia, and Al Roker as Han Solo (so wrong, all of it), here's the link to The TODAY Show's salute to Star Wars.


Dave S. said...

Amidala bared her navel in the second film by way of getting her outfit strategically ripped. For some reason I had not been sufficiently anesthetized by the dialog and thus was awake when this happened.

Anonymous said...

I espacially like the feature of the site where you can hold the mouse over various parts of the image and it zooms in.

Dave P.

Danny said...

That's a chick dressed up like MJ, right?

staging professionals Toronto said...

Hi. Really little bit surprising. However, I must admit that vampire costume is my favorite one too and this year I'm going to have it but it's home made. The reason is not Twilight. I particularly don't like this movie but I like vampire stories in general and the most favorite are classical like Dracula from Bram Stoker.

Happy Halloween,

Anonymous said...

Personally I was thinking of going as a tired mom. It's a very inexpensive costume and you don't get any odd looks in the street for wearing fishnet stockings and high heels, which go with the sexy nurse/ maid outfit.

EMM said...

Amidala's boots actually look comfy and would be easy to run in.

I say this because I've worn pointy, high heeled boots as "winter boots" in the snow.

The platform and solid heel would be a piece of cake.

One year I'm going to "change my name from Kitty to Karen" and go dressed in a short skirt and a long jacket...with my machettee to cut through red tape.

Meow Opre said...

I was browsing about Halloween costume ideas and I found your blog which is quite interesting. I do hope it's okay with you if I pin them on my Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing!