Thursday, June 19, 2008

What men -- and women -- really want

Sure, guys want sex, booze, sports, and fast cars, but what do they really want? A woman who knows how to iron clothes and will do the dishes.

This point was driven home recently (though not in a Ferrari) in this missive from Reuters about a man in Italy who kidnapped an ex-girlfriend and forced her to iron his shirts and do his dishes.

Is anyone really surprised, though? I mean, most guys can find someone who will have sex with them, if they try hard enough, but a woman who can iron? Priceless.

On a related note... A number of studies have shown "that women have more sex with men who do more work around the house than with those who don't do their share," as reported in this article on

The author of the piece, Lloyd Garver, continues, "Men doing housework is, evidently, a kind of aphrodisiac for women... but... If this is true, instead of showing photos of... 'hot' young men in bathing suits in magazines designed for women's viewing pleasure, why not just show pictures of guys vacuuming the house?" To which I say, bring it on!

(I don't know about all of you, but I feel frisky just looking at that image. ; )


Anonymous said...

vacuum and laundry oh yeah
it's what i've been dreaming of
what about the bills?

seems the haiku's just flow freely after reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a posting all hubby's should read! Keep 'em coming, Jennifer! Your sense of humor and reporting of wacky, off beat and modernly relevant finds starts the day off just right. Thank you!

Dave S. said...

A woman can tell
From how he holds the vacuum:
It's got a big hose

jjv said...

I have read elsewhere that people like Gengis Khan, Niall of the 100 battles, and tamerlane are the folks with the most offspring. Mr. Clean, appears to be childless. In other words, history and science seem to undermine the theory here proposed. Conquering territories, amassing wealth, and generally swathing yourself in the trappings of success seem a more sure path to this particular goal than dusting. At least I hope so.

J. said...

FYI, I don't think multiplayer online gaming success counts, JJV, but I get your drift.

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