Friday, October 30, 2009

Fox Sports, Brett Favre screw Jets fans... again

Yes, I am talkin' 'bout you, Fox Sports, with your World Series and your crappy football halftime show. And you, Brett Lorenzo* Favre, Mr. Did-I-Just-Throw-Another-Pick-Just-Can't-Stay-Retired quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, who broke the hearts of thousands of New York Jets fans last season.

Thanks to the two of you, and the fact that Favre's new team, the Minnesota Vikings (with their star running back, Adrian Peterson, aka "Purple Jesus") are playing Favre's old team, the Green Bay Packers -- where Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for over 15 years, and led the team to two Super Bowl appearances, before retiring for the first time -- at Lambeau Field at 4:15 ET this Sunday, I, and thousands of Jets and Giants fans, have to take the fall?!

God forbid Fox Sports show the Giants - Eagles game the same time as the Vikings - Packers game. Oh no. No instead, let's just screw the New York area football fans by showing the Giants - Eagles game the same time as the Dolphins - Jets game this Sunday. (Btw, I realize that as both a Giants and a Jets fan I am in the minority, but surely I am not alone in seeing this latest Fox last-minute scheduling switcheroo as a slap in the face to Jets fans everywhere.)

Don't believe me about the power of Fox Sports? For the first time in, like, 20 years there will be no Sunday night football this Sunday. Why? Because Fox Sports is airing the World Series -- where the NY Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies are tied one game apiece -- Sunday night at 8:20 ET and NBC Sports blinked.

But getting back to Giants vs. Jets, this Sunday, instead of turning our bedroom into a sports bar, I got a friend to take J-THREE-O for a few hours Sunday afternoon so the spouse and I could cheer on the Giants and the Jets at a real sports bar (or the closest thing to a real sports bar you can find within 15 minutes of Stepford). Go G-Men! Go Gang Green!

As for the Vikings - Packers game, though the spouse will probably be rooting for the Vikings ("Adrian Peterson!"), I will probably be rooting for Green Bay.

*Lorenzo? Really? Who knew?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Five Adult Halloween Costumes 2009

Per a press release I just received from shopping search engine, the five top-selling Halloween costumes for adults for the 2009 Halloween season are (drum roll, please):

1. Vampire

2. Sexy Nurse

3. Michael Jackson

4. Star Wars

5. Sexy Santa

I have to admit, I'm kind of surprised by some of these.

The vampire thing I totally get, what with The Twilight Saga: New Moon about to come out and the Vampire Chronicles airing on TV.

And who doesn't love a sexy nurse? (Talk about your visiting nurse service. Slightly O/T: I once had a boss who dressed up as "Dr. Ben Dover" one Halloween and went around the office asking female employees if they'd like him to examine them. Ah, the good old days.)

But a sexy Santa? Really? Maybe if your idea of "sexy" is a fat guy in a red suit with too much facial hair. Or maybe they mean (a young, buff) Fabio as Santa... or that guy to the left in the photo. I'd sit on his lap any day.

Oh wait. I just looked it up and they mean sexy Santa helper. Sheesh. Talk about ho ho hos. If Santa had that kind of help, I doubt he'd ever leave the North Pole. (And Mrs. Claus would have filed for divorce years ago.)

As for Michael Jackson, I am not thrilled by the prospect of hoards of little zombie Michael Jacksons descending on my house for Halloween. Though I admit I am tickled by the idea of dumping candy into little Michael's trick-or-treat bag with the admonition "Just eat it."

Lastly, Star Wars? Still? Really? Aren't we over the whole Star Wars-Darth Vader-Imperial Stormtrooper-Chewbacca thing by now, people? Though I guess the sexy Princess Leia slave girl metal bikini costume never goes out of style.

But what's up with the sexy Amidala costume? Seriously, check out the heels on those boots and you tell me how many Sith or Imperial Stormtroopers she'd outrun or gun down in those. And I'm pretty sure in the Star Wars movies Amidala didn't bear her navel either.

Well, no matter what you dress up as, may the Force -- and good weather -- be with you this Halloween.

UPDATED 10/30/09: Oh. My. God. Et tu, TODAY Show? For those who didn't catch The TODAY Show this morning, this year's Halloween theme is/was... Star Wars. Noooooooooo. I cannot bring myself to embed the video clip here, but if you are really interested in seeing Matt Lauer as Luke Skywalker, Meredith Vieira as Princess Leia, and Al Roker as Han Solo (so wrong, all of it), here's the link to The TODAY Show's salute to Star Wars.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holy financial tomfoolery, Batman! These new LendingTree commercials sure are clever.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na... LendingTree!?

I realize I am dating myself (sort of), but I can't help giggling every time I see -- or rather hear -- the new "You to the Rescue" ads for (click the link to get your very own LendingTree utility belt, kids!), featuring the voice of Adam West doing his best Batman/Bruce Wayne impression. To quote the critics: "SOCK!" "POW!" "ZOK!"

These West/LendingTree ads remind me a bit of those William Shatner/Priceline ads, though I don't know how they could possibly top this particular Shatner/Priceline ad (which I so should have included in my "Bust a Move" post).

Hope this post put a smile on your face. Now get back to work! (How did people procrastinate before YouTube and blogs and Facebook?)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jets, Yankees win. Giants and their fans lose. Plus World Series and Super Bowl predictions.

If only the Jets could play every game in sunny, 70 degree weather against a team like the Oakland Raiders. But as a certain Phillies fan friend of ours (yes, we have friends who are Phillies fans - okay, one friend) likes to say: A win is a win is a win. And we Jets fans will take it. Final score: Jets 38, Raiders 0. And the Jets take the No. 2 spot in the AFC East, behind the New England Patriots.

Moving right along.... As you may recall, last night's question was "Yankees or Giants?" (Going to a sports bar or turning our bedroom back into a sports bar was not an option.) The answer: the Yankees. (It was the spouse's call, and at least he allowed me to work the remote and occasionally flip over the Giants game.) Final score: Yankees 5, Angels 2. And again, the California team choked.

This means, of course, that it will be the New York Yankees taking on the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies at Yankee Stadium in the World Series this Wednesday night at 7:30 ET on Fox. And for the duration I will be one of those "Mets Fans for the Yankees," albeit begrudgingly. Go Yankees. Yea. My World Series prediction? I actually think the Phillies will win again this year, but that the Series will go to six or seven games.

But getting back to football. As I did not watch most of the Giants - Cardinals game, and the Giants lost (thanks in large part to three Eli Manning interceptions), that's about all I am going to say on that subject. However, while watching the other football games that were not competing with the Yankees - Angels game, namely the Minnesota Vikings - Pittsburgh Steelers game yesterday (Steelers won 27-17 in an exciting game), I came up with a new drinking game, which I call "Adrian Peterson, blah, blah, blah." Here's how it works: Every time an announcer shouts the name "Adrian Peterson," you have to drink a shot or take a swig of beer. Chances are you will be blasted by the half. Oh and the Saints won, again. Blah, blah, blah.

In other football news, the Colts, Broncos, and Saints remain undefeated at 6-0 going into Week 8, when AGAIN, thanks to Fox Sports and Brett Favre, the Jets and the Giants and now the Eagles (who will be playing the Giants) will all be playing at 1 p.m. ET. WTF people?! Again with the same game time? Not cool.

Oh and as for my Super Bowl prediction (drum roll, please): I'm seeing the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New Orleans Saints, but I would not be surprised if the New England Patriots or the Minnesota Vikings made it in either. Okay, you heard it here first.

But for this week, it's all baseball. Go Yankees! (Ouch. I think I just pulled something.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yankees or Giants? Baseball or football? Fox forces fans to pick sides.

Yet again New York area sports fans are being forced to choose between teams (or spend the evening at a sports bar) -- all because of stupid Fox Sports. FOOOOOOOOX!

Do they watch the 5 - 1 NY Giants play the Arizona Cardinals at Giants Stadium (in New Jersey) tonight at 8:20 ET on NBC? Or do they watch the NY Yankees play the Los Angeles Angels for the American League pennant tonight over at Yankee Stadium starting at 8:20 ET over on Fox? (Btw, for all you readers in the Tri-State area, avoid the Cross Bronx Expressway at all costs this evening. Heck, avoid the Bronx entirely, unless you want to spend your evening in your car.)

For die-hard New York sports fans it's a bit like Sophie's Choice as most Yankees fans are die-hard Giants fans and vice versa.

The spouse predicts that more people will be watching the Yankees game -- and will only flip over to the Giants game during commercial breaks. (That is unless they turn their bedroom into a sports bar.) Me? I will be watching my beloved Giants on NBC Sunday Night Football -- unless they suck, in which case I will begrudgingly flip over to Fox and watch the Yankees, even though I loathe the Yankees. LOATHE. THEM. (Personal note: For a lifelong Mets fan the thought of a Yankees - Philadelphia World Series makes the stomach churn.)

In a no-brainer, I will also be watching the New York Jets and Mark Sanchez take on the Oakland Raiders out in Oakland, California, where it's supposed to be in the 70s today, at 4:05 ET this afternoon. Hopefully the warm, sunny weather will restore Sanchez's throwing arm and revitalize the Jets defense so they can go above .500.

Check in tomorrow for my post-game update.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just bust a move (Funky Friday music post)

For two days now, since I saw GLEE Wednesday night, "Bust a Move" has been playing on my mental jukebox. Just can't get it out of my head, so I figured I would share. You're welcome.

I wish one of my glee club instructors (or teachers, period) had been half as fine as Will Schuester (aka Matthew Morrison) -- and that we could have sung something half as fun (or raunchy) as "Bust a Move" or any of the songs featured in the hit Fox show GLEE. (In my all- girl high school glee club a "new" or "contemporary" song was one that was less than 150 years old and in English. And the head of our glee club made Sue Sylvester look like a teddy bear.)

Btw, for those who like to keep it old school, here's the original version of "Bust a Move," featuring Young MC, who co-wrote "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina."

Now you know what to do: Just bust a move.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Because who doesn't love a good animal video featuring adorable panda cubs or talking cats?

(What? You'd rather I blog about the latest jobless numbers, the Phillies making it into the World Series - AGAIN, how hot GLEE was last night, or Sarah Palin's upcoming book tour and appearance on Oprah? I thought so. But do correct me if I am wrong.)

First up: CUTEST. PANDA. VIDEO. EVER. Aka the San Diego Zoo's 11-week-old panda gets a check up. All together now: AAAAAAW.

Next up, watch the fur fly as two cats engage in a domestic dispute.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why men play golf

Clearly it's the superior fore play.

(Though I doubt that guy will be getting back on her fairway any time soon.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pat Sajak guardian Angel?

Anyone else happen to notice a familiar face behind home plate at Angel Stadium in Anaheim this week? A certain host of a certain game show having to do with a Wheel and Fortune?

I am, of course, referring to Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, who has been a prominent presence looming in the background of the ALCS out in Anaheim, California, where the New York Yankees are battling the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (aka the Halos) for a spot in the World Series.

Wonder if any Angels have asked Pat if they could buy a run (and if Vanna's working the scoreboard).

[O/T: Anyone else SICK of those BlackBerry commercials featuring the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" that Fox seems to air at EVERY commercial break? I used to like that song....]

UPDATED 10/21/09: So why is Pat Sajak there behind home plate? His buddy, and sports agent to the stars, Scott Boras got him those primo seats (no doubt as an early birthday present), per Dan Patrick. Btw, the Angels could have used to buy a few runs last night (and/or bought the umpires some glasses), losing to the Yankees 10-1. No word if Sajak will again be sitting shiva (even though he's Christian) behind home plate Thursday night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

You've come a medium way, baby

This Sunday on Meet the Press, David Gregory played a clip (below) from the September 10, 1972, show, featuring former Meet the Press moderator (though "inquisitor" would be a better title) Lawrence A. Spivak grilling Gloria Steinem. Since its airing on Meet the Press yesterday, to kick off A Woman's Nation week, NBC and MSNBC have shown the clip several more times. But if you somehow missed it, or would like to see it again, I highly encourage you to watch it now.

Damn! If I had only had a male child, so I could have brainwashed him! (And to my lady friends with male children: It's not too late! Get to work! The future of womankind depends on you!)

Seriously, Gloria Steinem should have been awarded the Nobel Peace prize for not throttling Lawrence Spivak on live TV.

The sad thing is, while the women's movement has accomplished a great deal, women still earn less than men, are still (for the most part) the primary caregivers (of both their children and their parents), and are actually unhappier than they were in the early 1970s.

You've come a medium way, baby.

[Btw, the following video contains clips of the old "You've come a long way, baby" campaign for Virginia Slims cigarettes. Scary.]

UPDATED 10/20/09: Apparently women can have it all -- if they are fictional. Great article on MSNBC about how TV misrepresents real working women. Yup.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's a bear gotta do to get a drink around here?

This Thursday evening, like many other denizens of Hayward, Wisconsin, a 125-pound black bear wandered into a local liquor store in search of a six pack, causing a bit of a scene.

While the non-ursine shoppers were ushered out of the store, the bear strolled the aisles for over an hour before winding up in the beer cooler, where authorities administered a breathalyzer test and took him away.

No word on which beer the bear chose, or whether he was a Green Bay Packers or Minnesota Vikings fan.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can we get a baby kangaroo?


Who's a cute wittle baby kangaroo? Skippy is, that's who. I dare you not to go "aaaaw" while watching that video.

Well, if I can't have a baby kangaroo (as the daughter pointed out, they are A LOT of work -- and grow up to be six feet tall and 200 pounds), I'm just going to have to plan a field trip to the Global Wildlife Center in Louisiana. (Hey, it's closer than Australia, though I'd be happy to go back to Australia. Any time.)

Friday, October 16, 2009

So much for global warming

Frankly, I'd welcome a little warmth right about now (though Felix is doing a nice job of keeping my lap nice and toasty).

Don't know where you all are but here in Southern New England the thermometer bounced around between 36 and 39 degrees most of the day -- and the forecast calls for below freezing temps this evening. And did I mention the snow flurries and freezing rain? And that it's only October 15? (Average high for this date: 63 degrees; average low, 45 degrees.)

Maybe now Major League Baseball will consider ending the regular season and starting the post season a bit earlier.

Oh and all you people in Florida, with your 80 and 90 degree temps, just save it.

UPDATED 10/16/09: Oh joy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maybe the South Koreans have a different definition of "knowledge"

Earlier this week, former U.S. President George W. Bush spoke at the 10th World Knowledge Forum in South Korea.

Apparently Sarah Palin was unavailable.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The ZEN of the penis

Not to downplay the importance of ED (because as we all know, it's all about the penis, baby), but seriously, in a world grappling with increased rates of diabetes, as well as heart disease, and all sorts of cancers, does the penis really merit being front and center when it comes to deciding where to stick R&D dollars?

Already we are bombarded with commercials for Viagra (though at least we don't have Bob Dole to kick around anymore) and Cialis (maybe if those couples shared a bathtub they wouldn't have a problem). Now there's a new medical device that promises to help guys get their mojo back. (To which Austin Powers would surely say "Yeah baby!")

Yes, thanks to medical equipment manufacturer Medtronic, there is now ZEN, or the Zotarolimus-Eluting Peripheral Stent System for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Males with Sub-Optimal Response to PDE5 Inhibitors. (How Medtronic got "ZEN" out of that, I'll be darned if I know. Though when you think about it, the name ZEN is probably appropriate as most men have spent countless hours in zen-like meditation contemplating their penis.)

Currently, Medtronic is in the process of erecting a feasibility study of ZEN, enrolling 50 guys who are eager to fly old glory again.

Needless to say, shares of Medtronic rose yesterday afternoon, based on the news.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ever feel like Wile E. Coyote?

And I ain't talkin' "super genius."

Btw, contrary to what Chuck Jones and Warner Bros. want us to believe, coyotes actually don't look like this:

But like this:

I know: shocking.

Oooh, I just got a delivery from the Acme Corporation! Things are looking up.

Beep beep!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My dinner with Giada (De Laurentiis)

and Zac Posen and Marcus Samuelsson, at the James Beard House, part of the New York City Wine & Food Festival. (For an overview of the event, called Food Meets Fashion, and the menu, click here.)

While the food -- and the wine -- was very good, what really blew me (and the spouse) away was how lovely, gracious, and modest Giada De Laurentiis, Zac Posen, and Marcus Samuelsson were.

Designer (and nice Jewish boy) Zac Posen greeted me with a big smile and bigger "hello" as I walked into the kitchen (terrified) at the James Beard House. I spoke, several times, with Giada De Laurentiis, and was her unofficial photographer, taking pictures of her with various guests. And Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit told a hysterical story about "smuggling" spices back from his village in Ethiopia whenever he visited there, when I asked him about the spices in his slow-cooked organic chicken with foie gras, pumpkin puree, and creamed greens.

It was a delightful evening, which I will not soon forget.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Absolut Lunch

Ever had one of those days... for a month?

(Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words -- and calories. : )

And before you judge, just remember... It's five o'clock somewhere.


P.S. Like you haven't done it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And this little piggy went on The TODAY Show!

Apparently "teacup pigs" are all the rage in the UK. So much so that The TODAY Show just did a segment on these petite porkers. I love the line "People love pigs so much, but it's almost impossible to keep a full-grown pig in the house." I hear you, sister. But we women have been doing it for centuries.

According to their breeder, Jane Croft, these "teacup pigs" (it is really only a matter of time until Paris Hilton gets a pair) grow to be between 12 and 16 inches and weigh up to 65 pounds. And they are quite intelligent. (Smarter than your average dog!)

You can find out more here. There is even a website called (of course).

And now I am off to make myself a BLT. : )

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David Letterman, Roman Polanski, health care reform, taxes

I've got a lot on my mind, but since brevity is the soul of wit (to quote Shakespeare's Polonius, who also said "neither a borrower nor a lender be," though I prefer the Skipper's version), I shall be brief.

David Letterman. The head of the company -- the boss -- likes to sleep with interns, personal assistants, and production assistants. Shocking. Not. Did we learn NOTHING from Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, people?! I'm not condoning Letterman having sex with people who report to him -- co-workers, fine, but direct reports? Not such a bright idea, for either party. Granted, screwing staff members isn't a crime (unless it was sexual harassment, which is doubtful -- the ladies love Dave) and supposedly all of Letterman's canoodling took place before he was married (uh huh). And what company hasn't had its share of office romances? But Letterman's inability to keep his hands off the merchandise (even when the merchandise, no doubt, like Monica Lewinsky, did its best to get into Dave's World Wide Pants on a regular basis) is a problem, albeit mostly for the employees who did not reap the benefits of sleeping with Dave, which apparently carried all sort of perks, including higher pay. Bottom line: Letterman thought with this dick. Like millions (billions) of other guys. And he got caught. This is not news. Except that it's David Letterman, darling of the media. Next.

Roman Polanski. The guy drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, thought he was going to get a soft sentence (probation -- though I would have opted for castration), then fled the country when he felt the judge was going to renege and send him to prison. Instead of paying for his crime -- and make no mistake, it was a crime -- he's been free and living it up in Europe for over 30 years. Now he's been arrested, awaiting extradition to the U.S. in Switzerland, and a lot of people think he should be set free. WTF?! If this guy was Roman Plumberski, his ass would have been incarcerated YEARS ago. Disgusting. Polanski should be sent back to the United States, in economy (if not the cargo hold), and tried before a judge. NO ONE is above the law. Next. [UPDATED: Just read that Polanski lost his bid to be released -- via the Associated Press/NYT. Progress.]

Health care. What the heck is wrong with providing or ensuring that all Americans have decent health care? I don't get it. I don't know about you but my private health insurance is mediocre at best, i.e., costs my family a small fortune, doesn't cover much, and doesn't give me access to a lot of doctors. (Also, someone please explain to me why my healthy little family of three pays the same as a family of six.) And this is not an HMO but a much more expensive, more "open" option. Also, it is disgusting that our current system does not pay for or encourage or reward prevention (i.e., being healthy), which is much less expensive than the alternative. Btw, I am not necessarily advocating a single-payer public option, though wouldn't it be a lot simpler/more cost effective? Anyway, instead of me rambling on (brevity, brevity), please to be reading Roger Cohen's short Op-Ed on the topic, which I found to be quite thought provoking. [UPDATED: And now a word from Canada, via the Denver Post.]

Taxes. And while we are fixing things that are broken, can someone please fix our tax system? I just received our tax return, and it was, like, 150 pages. WTF?! We like our accountants, but seriously, there has got to be a better, less expensive, less arduous way to pay taxes.

That is all.

Got a gripe, about any of the above or something else? Leave me a comment. (NOTE: Inappropriate comments will be deleted.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giants scalp Chiefs; Saints march over Jets (NFL Week 4)

First a brief note about NFL Week 4: While I am a big supporter of breast cancer research, and am thrilled the NFL has joined the good fight, the bright pink gloves, arm bands, caps, and football shoes are a wee bit much, guys -- and so totally clash with the uniforms. And why aren't the cheerleaders in pink, just the players and coaches? Reverse sexism?

Giants 27, Chiefs 16

I would love to write "This week proved that the Giants are the best team in football," but I can't. Not yet. Despite their 4-0 record. (In part because the Indianapolis Colts are also 4-0 -- and I still think Peyton is the better Manning.)

I am still haunted by what happened to the Giants last season, though I honestly believe had Plaxico Burress not shot himself the Men in Blue would have been Super Bowl bound (yet again).

But another year, another opportunity. And the Giants are playing well, very well. Indeed, the G-Men looked cool, calm, and confident against the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon. Though it wasn't much of a test, what with the Chiefs going into the game 0-3. Even with Eli Manning going down in the fourth with a bruised heel (from kicking the Chiefs' ass all afternoon).

I have to admit, I actually felt a little bad for the Chiefs -- and was rooting for them to score that last touchdown in the fourth, if only so I could snap a picture of the Chiefs' Touchdown Cowgirl riding across the field on her painted pony in her skimpy halter top and cowboy hat. WTF?! (For the record, her breasts looked very healthy.)

Saints 24, Jets 10

I know Jets QB Mark Sanchez is a rookie, but OUCH. If not for his interception and his fumble in the end zone the first half, this game could have gone very differently. (I know: Coulda shoulda woulda. But it's the truth!)

And though things (like the football) seemed to be looking up in the second half for the Jets, Sanchez continued to get picked. Note to Mark Sanchez: Lose the 'stache, not the ball.

Though there are worse things than being tied for first place in the AFC East with the New England Patriots, I am praying Gang Green gets over this huge loss by the time they play the Miami Dolphins (who have switched Chads) on Monday, October 12, at Land Shark Stadium.

(And yes, I wore my Giants shirt during the Giants game and my Jets shirt during the Jets game. Cause that's the kind of fan I am. Also, what's the deal with those New Orleans Saints cheerleader outfits? WTF?! Gold sequins are so tacky. The Jets Flight Crew is waaaaay classier.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Talk about "in-room" dining!

This video of British comedian George Egg preparing fresh tortellini with spinach and biscuits/rolls (from SCRATCH) in his hotel room gives new meaning to the term "room service."


Now we now what those Gideon Bibles are for!

[H/T to The Splendid Table, one of my favorite cooking/food shows.]

Friday, October 2, 2009

Are you a Felix or an Oscar?

This Sunday's New York Times Magazine features an article titled "Understanding the Anxious Mind," which, having suffered from life-long anxiety, I was anxious to read. (Btw, if you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, you should read it too.)

I found the article very interesting, and enlightening, and was particularly amused by this bit, which appears near the end:
Because they are more restrained than their wilder peers... high-reactive [i.e., anxious] kids are less likely to experiment with drugs, to get pregnant or to drive recklessly. They grow up to be the Felix Ungers of the world... clearing a safe, neat path for the Oscar Madisons. [Emphasis is mine.]

People with a high-reactive [i.e., anxious] temperament — as long as it doesn’t show itself as a clinical disorder — are generally conscientious and almost obsessively well-prepared. Worriers are likely to be the most thorough workers and the most attentive friends. Someone who worries about being late will plan to get to places early. Someone anxious about giving a public lecture will work harder to prepare for it. Test-taking anxiety can lead to better studying; fear of traveling can lead to careful mapping of transit routes. [Ask the spouse and my mother about that one.]
If that doesn't describe me to a T, I don't know what does. (Honk, honk.) It also leads me to ask the question...

Do you see yourself more as a Felix or as an Oscar (or somewhere in between)? Take this short quiz and find out! (And let me know the answer in the Comments or on my Facebook page. Btw, I am a "June Cleaver," and am pretty sure the spouse is either "Fred Sanford" or "Oscar Madison." ; )

UPDATED 10/3/09: If you include emailed and FB responses, the majority of women who read this blog are June Cleavers (with one Felix Unger and one Roseanne Barr) and ALL of the men (with one exception) are Roseanne Barrs. Hmm...