Monday, October 19, 2009

You've come a medium way, baby

This Sunday on Meet the Press, David Gregory played a clip (below) from the September 10, 1972, show, featuring former Meet the Press moderator (though "inquisitor" would be a better title) Lawrence A. Spivak grilling Gloria Steinem. Since its airing on Meet the Press yesterday, to kick off A Woman's Nation week, NBC and MSNBC have shown the clip several more times. But if you somehow missed it, or would like to see it again, I highly encourage you to watch it now.

Damn! If I had only had a male child, so I could have brainwashed him! (And to my lady friends with male children: It's not too late! Get to work! The future of womankind depends on you!)

Seriously, Gloria Steinem should have been awarded the Nobel Peace prize for not throttling Lawrence Spivak on live TV.

The sad thing is, while the women's movement has accomplished a great deal, women still earn less than men, are still (for the most part) the primary caregivers (of both their children and their parents), and are actually unhappier than they were in the early 1970s.

You've come a medium way, baby.

[Btw, the following video contains clips of the old "You've come a long way, baby" campaign for Virginia Slims cigarettes. Scary.]

UPDATED 10/20/09: Apparently women can have it all -- if they are fictional. Great article on MSNBC about how TV misrepresents real working women. Yup.


Anonymous said...

"Ladies and gentleman, due to illness, the part of Archie Bunker will be played tonight by Lawrence Spivak."

Anonymous said...

Larry should look for a job at Fox News.

Geez-how utterly condescending and Bravo to Ms. S for not breaking out in laughter and talking to him 'seriously'.

BTW-I met Gloria once, she is the only 'star' I came unglued for...

Dave S. said...

The ad reminds me of Steve Martin's comment on Virginia Slims: "It's a 'women's cigarette.' What, do they have breasts on them or something?"

J. said...

@Dave S., If they did, men would have abandoned Marlboro in droves.

@Anonymous #1, LMAO

@Anonymous #2, Spivak died in 1994. I believe his wife dealt the mortal blow with a cast-iron skillet.

Anonymous said...

Where is the women's movement on the whole Sarah Palin thing? It's okay to totally bash women (and news organizations) if they are conservative?
Therein lies much of the problem. NOW is not about all women just as the AARP is not for all retired people. They have become political organizations with political agendas.

J. said...

@Anonymous #3: I don't recall Sarah Palin being bashed because of her gender. It was because of her political views.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...
When a woman becomes a governor and is constantly portayed as someone with no experience, women's groups shouldn't speak out against that. Perhaps you can find video of Geraldine Ferraro being portrayed as too inexperienced. I would love to hear how NOW reacted. And if I recall she never was the leader of a state.

Also, isn't generally accepted that a governor has more leadership experience than a senator. Count the number of govenors who became president vs. the number of senators.

Remember, politics aside, don't you think Sarah is treated unfairly. Am I the only one who will stand up for a woman here? Or shall we just laugh at the same jokes Letterman makes night after night.

EMM said...

I agree w/ Anonymous...Palin was labled pretty quickly as "MILF" and later "GILF". I was never 100% thrilled w/ her as McCain's choice, but her looks, parenting skills, etc. were fair game to the media. If McCain's choice had been a man, none of that would have mattered.

Spivak was an ass. Ms. S carried herself incredibly well. I'm sure we all wanted her to tell him to go f&*# himself. But if she had, she would have been labeled "hysterical".

As for Fox news...I'll let you in on a little can watch it and still breathe through your nose.