Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to turn your bedroom into a sports bar

Thanks to the infinite wisdom (NOT) of Jets' management, the spouse and I had a difficult decision to make today: Jets or Giants? Or so I thought.

Yes, in theory, we could have gone to a sports bar to watch both games, which are being played, for the first time in over 20 years, at the same time on the same day (albeit in different stadiums) -- while drinking beer and eating lovely free nibblies. But our not-old-enough-to-stay-home-alone-for-three-hours child had a friend coming over, so we couldn't.

But that did not stop the spouse, a self-described geek. Oh no. Thanks to having not one but two Sony TVs (albeit previously in different rooms -- and only one of which is HD), a little coaxial cable, and a splitter, the spouse was able to have both the Giants (vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and the Jets (formerly the New York Titans*, who are playing the Tennessee Titans, formerly the Houston Oilers) broadcasting simultaneously... in our bedroom.

Add some beer, some nuts, and some chips and... voila! You, too, can have a sports bar in your bedroom!

For the record, the spouse tried to get the Jets game on the HDTV (left), but claimed it would only show the Giants game.

Also, for those who are thinking of trying this at home, a note of caution: Do NOT use the same brand of TV if you can help it. Because both of the TVs the spouse used are Sonys, and the remotes have the same codes, every time you use the remote on one, to, say, change the channel or raise or lower the volume, the other set changes too, so you have to do that stuff manually. It is also next to IMPOSSIBLE to watch two games simultaneously. John Madden is a god.

*A note about today's Jets -- or should I say "New York Titans"? -- game: WTF?! Again with the New York Titans uniforms?! Especially against the Tennessee Titans, I mean "Houston Oilers"? Way to go, Jets management! Even the poor commentators were/are confused, referring to Tennessee as "the Oilers" at least a couple of times.

UPDATED 4:08 PM: FINAL SCORES: NY Giants 24, TB Buccaneers 0; NY Jets/NY Titans 24, TN Titans/Houston Oilers 17. A most excellent day for NY/NJ football teams.

The sports bar is now closed... and we return to our regular bedroom.


Anonymous said...

What a man will do for love (of the game and a good woman)!

Powaqqatsi said...

While the Giants may have taken the bigger screen. I see the Black Dog Ale has nestled comfortably with the Jets. Enjoy.

Kendor said...

The wife failed to mention that I'm also watching the Yankee game on my netbook...

Also one interesting side effect of having the two Sony TVs, is that if one set is on mute, and the other not, the mute button on the remote acts as a toggle. Want to listen to Greg and Dan, not Kenny and Daryl, just hit mute... want the Jints play by play back, hit mute again... didn't even have to program that!

Anonymous said...

What skills you have!

Your wife mentioned you are a geek-right?

Not a bad thing-I think are all a little geeky around here!

Go Blue!
Go Green!

Dave S. said...

Well done. I presume the beer was in a temporary display position rather than in its action station in a cooler between the two of you.

That mute button discovery is one of the better unintended consequences I have run across.

I see that the Redskins have just let Detroit break their losing streak. Won't tomorrow be fun in the media.

J. said...

@Powaqqatsi: Good eye!

@Kendor: You are a GENIUS.

@Dave S.: That beer was in addition to the cooler stocked with beer.

Btw, we are SO getting these for our cars.

jjv said...

This post put me in mind of the great Frizzel's "I'm going to hire a wino to decorate our home." Lyrics here:

jjv said...

Key lyric:

She said: "We'll rip out all the carpet, and put sawdust on the floor.
"Serve hard boiled eggs and pretzels, and I won't cook no more.
"There'll be Monday night football, on T.V. above the bar.
"And a pay phone in the hallway, when your friends can't find their car

Dan said...

Closed? You closed the sports bar already? And I was just about to ask if I could move in ... ah, probably why you closed it.

Jeff Schiff said...

I can't help but connect this post to the one that comes after it--about sex and barter (or some such thing).

Monica said...

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