Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to lint roll a cat

As many of you know, my cat, Flora (full name Flora Adorable), likes to keep me company while I work. Which is fine, in theory. The problem is that Flora weighs over 15 pounds, has got to be at least two feet long when stretched out (which is her favorite position), and has a serious shedding problem.

I have tried using Dust Detroyer (cans of compressed air) and a dustbuster to keep hair (and pet dander) to a minimum -- particularly around/on my computer. However, after vacuuming off the keys on my IBM ThinkPad a while back (while trying to extricate her hair from the keyboard), I went in search of a different solution.

I had tried using one of those pet grooming gloves -- you know, the ones with the raised rubber cleats to gently remove pet hair. But more times than not, I got more hissing than cat hair when I tried to use it.

That's when my spouse teasingly suggested I tried lint rolling Flora, as I happen to keep a lint roller just two feet away from me in my office. Et voila! A new shed control system was born.

Most of the time, Flora enjoys a gentle lint rolling. However, occasionally, she rebels.

Want to know the proper way to lint roll your (or any cat)? Watch this short instructional video my daughter and I put together over the long weekend. (She was the cinematographer -- and the one giggling.) And feel free to share it with fellow cat lovers.

Btw, in case you have problems viewing the video, you can go to/click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzl5lrz800M to watch it on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in how to flambe a cat!

Lietzy said...

Much more informative and pleasant than my "How to deworm a dog" and "How to artificially inseminate a horse" videos from a few years back.

Dave S. said...

I like how Flora progressed from the "no f-ing way" look to the "I SAID NO F-ING WAY!" batting etc. I also enjoyed the snickering cinematography.

We have used the Furminator on champion shedder Gracie with impressive results. My sense - going out on a limb here - is that Flora would also hiss and bat at that as well.

On a side note, I bought the Lietzy DVD boxed set primarily for the director commentary.

Shinobi said...

Flora is adorable. Also the Furminator is amazing, I use it on my fuzzy black kitty all the time to keep her hair down and it also does a great job with my Siberian Husky. Can't recommend enough.

I also find it helps to feed your cat food that's really low in carbs and high in proteins and meats. Basically the more ridiculously overpriced the food is the less they shed.

J. said...

Thanks for the tips, Shinobi! I thought Dave was kidding about the Furminator. Btw, I just bought yet more ridiculously high-priced, no byproducts, organic cat food. Hope it helps! (Flora is also bulimic.)

Mark Lee said...

lololo some great comments but Furminator Catsis the answer