Friday, October 30, 2009

Fox Sports, Brett Favre screw Jets fans... again

Yes, I am talkin' 'bout you, Fox Sports, with your World Series and your crappy football halftime show. And you, Brett Lorenzo* Favre, Mr. Did-I-Just-Throw-Another-Pick-Just-Can't-Stay-Retired quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, who broke the hearts of thousands of New York Jets fans last season.

Thanks to the two of you, and the fact that Favre's new team, the Minnesota Vikings (with their star running back, Adrian Peterson, aka "Purple Jesus") are playing Favre's old team, the Green Bay Packers -- where Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for over 15 years, and led the team to two Super Bowl appearances, before retiring for the first time -- at Lambeau Field at 4:15 ET this Sunday, I, and thousands of Jets and Giants fans, have to take the fall?!

God forbid Fox Sports show the Giants - Eagles game the same time as the Vikings - Packers game. Oh no. No instead, let's just screw the New York area football fans by showing the Giants - Eagles game the same time as the Dolphins - Jets game this Sunday. (Btw, I realize that as both a Giants and a Jets fan I am in the minority, but surely I am not alone in seeing this latest Fox last-minute scheduling switcheroo as a slap in the face to Jets fans everywhere.)

Don't believe me about the power of Fox Sports? For the first time in, like, 20 years there will be no Sunday night football this Sunday. Why? Because Fox Sports is airing the World Series -- where the NY Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies are tied one game apiece -- Sunday night at 8:20 ET and NBC Sports blinked.

But getting back to Giants vs. Jets, this Sunday, instead of turning our bedroom into a sports bar, I got a friend to take J-THREE-O for a few hours Sunday afternoon so the spouse and I could cheer on the Giants and the Jets at a real sports bar (or the closest thing to a real sports bar you can find within 15 minutes of Stepford). Go G-Men! Go Gang Green!

As for the Vikings - Packers game, though the spouse will probably be rooting for the Vikings ("Adrian Peterson!"), I will probably be rooting for Green Bay.

*Lorenzo? Really? Who knew?


Kendor said...

Au contraire...I'll be pulling for the "Pack." My heart has always been in cheeseland! Love a town that owns the team.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of accuracy...(or according to Wikipedia)....

As part of its contract with the NFL NBC does not air a Sunday night game for one week in late October, so as not to conflict with Fox's coverage of the World Series. In 2006 NBC did not air a game on October 22, which was the set date for World Series Game 2. With the change in World Series scheduling beginning in 2007, NBC now does not air a game in order to avoid a conflict with World Series Game 4 (which is the earliest a team can win a series). In those instances, Football Night in America airs as scheduled at 7 PM. In 2007, there was no game on October 28; in 2008, there was no game on October 26; in 2009, NBC is scheduled to have their off week during Week 8 (which falls on November 1).

...but never let the truth get in the way of a good blog!

J. said...

@Anonymous: THANK YOU. I fully accept the fact that I am (occasionally) wrong. However, I place the blame entirely on Cris Collinsworth and Boomer and Carton over on WFAN. ;-)

Yesterday morning Collinsworth, who replaced John Madden on NBC's Sunday Night Football, went on about how this was the first time in, like, 20 years that he would have the weekend off - making it sound as though NBC had canceled the game because of the World Series. And neither Boomer nor Carton said anything. Doesn't make me right. Just sayin'.

I sit corrected. :-)

Dave S. said...

This sheds a bit more light on the situation - the Eagles game was moved because of the WS game that evening in the same complex (the ballpark is next to the football stadium), which is all well and good. There is no intimation that Fox drove the move of the Pack-Vikes game (btw GO PACK!) but it won't hurt them one bit as a lead-in to the baseball game. My foxsportssuckmeter doesn't move much as a result of this unless they end up showing the robot taking batting practice.

J. said...

@Dave S. Huh. That's the first time I heard that version. All the chatter I'd heard was that Fox moved the game. Thank you for further clarifying the situation. Of course, it totally negates/ruins my post. Grr. But truth should always win out over a good story... unless you are Fox News. ; O

Anonymous said...

Go Jets
Go Giants
Go Phillies

(Vikings I guess)

Who cares about the truth, probably couldn't handle it anyway...

Will Sanchez go topless this week??? Meow!!!!

rakeback said...

I was at the game, and I think the 4 touchdowns he threw confirms what a terrible decision the Packers made to get rid of him and that the only reason he failed down the stretch was his now re-constructed arm. If you look at Bretts numbers since 2007, especially without the last 5 games last year when he was imjured, he has put up amazing numbers and win totals.

cardrunners said...

Brett Favre is slapping around every NFL defense he faces this year, and I havent read one experts take that suggested he isnt the MVP so far. 24 touchdowns and 3 interceptions is just absurd.