Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giants scalp Chiefs; Saints march over Jets (NFL Week 4)

First a brief note about NFL Week 4: While I am a big supporter of breast cancer research, and am thrilled the NFL has joined the good fight, the bright pink gloves, arm bands, caps, and football shoes are a wee bit much, guys -- and so totally clash with the uniforms. And why aren't the cheerleaders in pink, just the players and coaches? Reverse sexism?

Giants 27, Chiefs 16

I would love to write "This week proved that the Giants are the best team in football," but I can't. Not yet. Despite their 4-0 record. (In part because the Indianapolis Colts are also 4-0 -- and I still think Peyton is the better Manning.)

I am still haunted by what happened to the Giants last season, though I honestly believe had Plaxico Burress not shot himself the Men in Blue would have been Super Bowl bound (yet again).

But another year, another opportunity. And the Giants are playing well, very well. Indeed, the G-Men looked cool, calm, and confident against the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon. Though it wasn't much of a test, what with the Chiefs going into the game 0-3. Even with Eli Manning going down in the fourth with a bruised heel (from kicking the Chiefs' ass all afternoon).

I have to admit, I actually felt a little bad for the Chiefs -- and was rooting for them to score that last touchdown in the fourth, if only so I could snap a picture of the Chiefs' Touchdown Cowgirl riding across the field on her painted pony in her skimpy halter top and cowboy hat. WTF?! (For the record, her breasts looked very healthy.)

Saints 24, Jets 10

I know Jets QB Mark Sanchez is a rookie, but OUCH. If not for his interception and his fumble in the end zone the first half, this game could have gone very differently. (I know: Coulda shoulda woulda. But it's the truth!)

And though things (like the football) seemed to be looking up in the second half for the Jets, Sanchez continued to get picked. Note to Mark Sanchez: Lose the 'stache, not the ball.

Though there are worse things than being tied for first place in the AFC East with the New England Patriots, I am praying Gang Green gets over this huge loss by the time they play the Miami Dolphins (who have switched Chads) on Monday, October 12, at Land Shark Stadium.

(And yes, I wore my Giants shirt during the Giants game and my Jets shirt during the Jets game. Cause that's the kind of fan I am. Also, what's the deal with those New Orleans Saints cheerleader outfits? WTF?! Gold sequins are so tacky. The Jets Flight Crew is waaaaay classier.)


Powaqqatsi said...

I hate to say I told ya so but...
The Saints continued to dominate and dispatched the Jets as predicted. As you throw around 4 - O Giants and Colts, don't forget bout 'dem 4 - 0 Saints either. It might be Lil' Wheezy singing (rapping) the National Anthem in Miami Feb 7 2010! (Should be interesting too seeing the pro bowl moved to Miami and played before the Superbowl for a change.)

By the way, you have lovely strap muscles.

rakeback said...

I dont think Eli Manning has reached elite quarterback status, and a lot of their success can be attributed to a strong defense and running game. The Giants look like a contender this year, and Eli is definitely looking like a much-improved quarterback.