Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holy financial tomfoolery, Batman! These new LendingTree commercials sure are clever.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na... LendingTree!?

I realize I am dating myself (sort of), but I can't help giggling every time I see -- or rather hear -- the new "You to the Rescue" ads for LendingTree.com (click the link to get your very own LendingTree utility belt, kids!), featuring the voice of Adam West doing his best Batman/Bruce Wayne impression. To quote the critics: "SOCK!" "POW!" "ZOK!"

These West/LendingTree ads remind me a bit of those William Shatner/Priceline ads, though I don't know how they could possibly top this particular Shatner/Priceline ad (which I so should have included in my "Bust a Move" post).

Hope this post put a smile on your face. Now get back to work! (How did people procrastinate before YouTube and blogs and Facebook?)


Dave S. said...

"A fly rental car" is the best part of that Shatner ad, especially with the guy behind him whaling on a cowbell.

funny insurance commercials said...

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