Thursday, January 7, 2010

World's most annoying cat

I love my cats. I really do. They are, despite what dog people think, incredibly affectionate and amusing and loyal. If they were not, I wouldn't put up so many blog posts about them (and cats in general). But sometimes... sometimes... cats can be really annoying, especially when one is trying to work.

While Felix has many quirks, he generally leaves me alone when I am working -- or naps quietly in my lap as I type.

Flora, on the other hand, is quite possibly the world's most annoying cat*, at least if you are someone who uses a computer for a living, or prefers an unobstructed view of your monitor, or likes to type on your keyboard without being pawed to death.

And weighing in at 15.5 pounds with fully operational claws, Flora is not the easiest cat to shoo away.

*though Simon's Cat may be a close second


Lizzy said...

OMG, Jennifer, that is hysterical!!!! All of us cat lovers have a version of Flora and/or Simon's cat (I always wondered why I woke up with a headache!)

Cats require quite a bit of maintenance, no doubt. And they want it when they want it....or else they will give you the dreaded "butt in the face!"

They are worth it, those wonderful little furballs!

EMM said...

Flora would definitely win in a staring contest!

We don't get to have anyone sit on our laps at work...must be the anti-harrassment policy!


Melissa said...

She may be a pest, but what a beauty!

Martha Kruy said...

The top pic of Flora is the look I get all the time from Tweak...rather irreverent!