Friday, October 16, 2009

So much for global warming

Frankly, I'd welcome a little warmth right about now (though Felix is doing a nice job of keeping my lap nice and toasty).

Don't know where you all are but here in Southern New England the thermometer bounced around between 36 and 39 degrees most of the day -- and the forecast calls for below freezing temps this evening. And did I mention the snow flurries and freezing rain? And that it's only October 15? (Average high for this date: 63 degrees; average low, 45 degrees.)

Maybe now Major League Baseball will consider ending the regular season and starting the post season a bit earlier.

Oh and all you people in Florida, with your 80 and 90 degree temps, just save it.

UPDATED 10/16/09: Oh joy.


Betty Cracker said...

Save it? I think not. It's 87 degrees here. Right now. At almost 6 PM. Global warming is SO on here in Florida.

A Toastie Mosihie said...

Time to employ your favorite Migraine cure, sweetie.