Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Bear!

Ring in the new year with a new bear!

Meet Siku*, the unbearably cute baby polar bear....

May your year be filled with things that make you smile.

Still need help coming up with new year's resolutions? Here are some suggestions.

*More about Siku here.


Anonymous said...

And now I start the New Year with no teeth! They fell out while watching all that sweetness of polar bear cuteness. And now I am in sugar shocked coma!

Ange said...

Love that last comment! I was going to say something like: "Awwww...un"bear"ably cute"!

Another David S. said...

Extremely cute. Almost looks like an animatronic figure made by Disney. Hard to believe it'll grow up one day and get an uncontrollable urge to eat its owner's face. (Sorry, is that being a downer? Hey, here's an idea: what if all those cute chimps and cute bears and cute lions were put into one giant animal playpen and forced to grow up together? Do you think they'd still eventually want to eat each other's faces? Or would they start their own musical production of The Jungle Book? Sorry, is that too silly?)