Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whatever happened to 7UP?

So the other day, the spouse turns to me and says, "Whatever happened to 7UP? Does it still exist?" After all, you never see commercials for 7UP (or at least we don't), though I'm pretty sure I've seen cans of 7UP at the supermarket. (Which makes me wonder, if a product doesn't have a commercial, does it really exist? I know, too deep for early in the morning, but still.)

So, I Googled "7UP" and discovered that 7UP not only still exists but has its own website, And there's a new commercial with Cee Lo Green.

Which made me pine (or lemon and lime) for the old Geoffrey Holder 7UP ads.

Brings back memories it does.

Indeed, back in the 1970s and 1980s, it seemed 7UP was everywhere (or at least their commercials were). And, indeed, back in the 1940s, 7UP was the third most popular soft drink. But in our highly caffeinated world, where soft-drink makers are constantly manipulating their formulas to add even more caffeine (yes, I'm talking to you, Mountain Dew), maybe an un-cola, like 7UP, has no place.

So any of you drink 7UP? Were you "feelin' 7UP" as a kid? (I did, though I preferred Fresca.) Let me know via the Comments.


The Daily Del Franco said...

FWiW, 7Up Guy Geoffrey Holder made an appearance on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice last year. And get this: Still looks and sounds the same. Must be that clean Island living. YA-Mon.

John Barker aka Hustla da Rabbit said...

7Up is essentially 6Under.