Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remind you of anyone?

Listen carefully, now. Sound familiar, ladies?

Just curious: Why is it we find a hairy, slightly rotund dormouse snoring cute but a hairy, slightly rotund guy snoring not so much?

[H/T CuteOverload]


larissa said...

I hope he's ok
Snoring or is it asthma
Deep breaths little mouse

J. said...

Per the information I saw (click on the YouTube link), he's just snoring. Probably had one pint too many at the pub last night -- with the Mad Hatter.

Anonymous said...

I know I know!!!

Because the cute rotound mouse is not sleeping next to you for 30-50 years!

Kendor said...

"Remember what the dormouse said... Feed your head!"

J. said...

I was thinking more "Twinkle, twinkle, little bat," but that works too.

Ange said...

...because the dormouse doesn't come with appliances: ie Dutch Oven