Sunday, November 1, 2009


Because apparently watching the Mets implode three years in a row wasn't enough.

And here I was really hoping the Giants would recover this week, and CLOBBER the Philadelphia Eagles, especially as Eagles star RB Brian Westbrook was "inactive" for today's game. Ha! Or maybe the Jets would win two games in a row and take revenge on the Miami Dolphins over at Giants Stadium. Nope!

As a result there will be no wearing of waving of the Giants or Jets thongs this week.

Oh, and consider this an open thread. You are free to leave any sports-related or Halloween comments.


jjv said...

See, Fox Sports who you maligned was only trying to ease the pain! What is going on with the Giants?

J. said...

Can we switch Mannings?

Anonymous said...

My heart is crushed.

Sanchez lost AND wore his jersey the ENTIRE GAME!!! Give the ladies a little peek at those abs!

Can we get both Mannings?

Booo (hoo)

Powaqqatsi said...

The Manning you REALLY want is named Archie. It's never too late to switch to the black & gold.