Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feline waterboarding? (No really, it's funny.)

Alternate title: Cats do the darndest things.

Major tip o' the hat to Facebook friend MPB, who posted this YouTube clip of Woody the Cat taking a shower on her page. (And TEC, tell your husband this is precisely why Al Gore invented the Internet, so people could post videos of their pets and children doing funny things and people like us could comment on them.)

Though I have, occasionally, seen Felix put his head under the faucet, he prefers to just sip not dip.


Anonymous said...

That just was sooo funny! Must have been a hot day and he wanted to be a KOOL KAT!!!

I crack myself up!

funny videos of cats said...

Hi, its fine the internet has definitely changed the world. Now it is possible to share the funniest activity and make other laugh on it and discuss what they think about it.

Dave S. said...

My impression of cats as highly intelligent creatures has taken an enormous hit. I like how he keeps looking around as if to say "Where the HELL is that jazz music coming from?!"

Winston said...

cute kitties