Wednesday, September 9, 2009

God, I miss Bill Clinton

Say what you will about the man (actually, please don't), but dang if Bill Clinton doesn't know how to work an audience -- and make you hang on his every word (unless you are a Conservative Republican and/or male).

I happened to catch CNN this morning, just as Fredricka Whitfield cutaway to the former President delivering a tribute to late CBS newsman Walter Cronkite, who died earlier this summer, and I could not change the channel. Bill Clinton's speech was not only poignant and thoughtful, it was funny.

I am a fan of President Obama, and think he is a good orator, but he pales next to the master.

If you missed Bill Clinton's speech and/or care to have a listen, here's the clip:


Anonymous said...


Betty Cracker said...

Well done, Mr. Clinton.

J. said...

I really liked Clinton's line "He [Cronkite] was always looking for the story, not the storyline... and there's a difference." Few on-air newspeople these day have the courage of their convictions.

Dave S. said...

Oh, why must he always make it about Obama?! Just kidding.

During the eight years prior to January 20 I would occasionally see Clinton on TV providing a substantive, grammatically correct contribution to some discussion or other and think "So that's what it was like to have an intelligent, articulate President." Nice to have that back.

Oh, why must I always make it about Obama?!

Verification word "Nottedia" which sounds like the name of a slightly informative website.

Mona said...

I looove Bill Clinton, he is funny, charismatic, handsome and eloguent I have too confess, he was my first..GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!.. Not to date myself, but he was the 1st president I votd for..

jjv said...

So the second black President "pales" next to the first? Gotta say something seems funny there.

EMM said...

Maybe all of the talking Obama is doing is just practice, so that he too can become slick and not so sermon like in his delivery.

Clinton, while dymanic and full of charm, continues to give off a smarmy vibe.