Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year (aka the back-to-school blog post)

Yesterday our daughter went back to school, after nearly three months off, and while I love summertime, and my daughter, it was time -- for all concerned. But instead of using words to describe my feelings about the first day of school, I will let this Staples commercial speak for me. (Btw, those kids in the commercial? I am pretty sure they have graduated from college by now.)

For the record, the spouse and I will not be spending our new-found free time updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts every 30 seconds from our mobile phones (and not just because we don't have Verizon Wireless).

Another reason why this time of year is so great? Football season! Less than two weeks 'til Giants and Jets opening day! Woohoo! Now if Fat Tire Amber Ale was only sold here in the Northeast... life would be just about perfect.


TommyMac71 said...

Fat Tire Amber? Why have I not had this?? I'm very disappointed.

Best time of year for sure... Lazy football sundays. Baseball heats up and October is just crazy good sports

Dave S. said...

That commercial was great even before the kids came along. Fiona is finishing up the summer by spending mornings with her grandparents and afternoons at yoga camp.

Tommy, FTA is only sold in the Midwest. Road trip!

J. said...

Actually, Fat Tire is pretty much sold everywhere EXCEPT the Northeast. : ( (It's made in Colorado and can be found all over the West Coast, the Southwest, and now in the Southeast. Definitely worth a road trip.)

Powaqqatsi said...

This may be of interest..

EMM said...

That Staples commercial always makes me laugh! I wish the bambina a sucessful happy year!

I just enjoyed a Fat Tire Brew 2 days ago (see my post on P4500 for the refreshing details). Mmmmm.

While I enjoy football, I make it a rule not to pay too much attention until after the World Series.