Thursday, September 24, 2009

Underwear for the left-handed man -- a cheeky idea whose time has come

I didn't realize that men's underwear was biased towards righties, but apparently the (left-handed?) designers and marketers at Hom have a better grasp of this (ahem) issue than I do, as well as the balls to rectify the situation.

Per an investigative report in the London Daily Telegraph, "While boxer shorts usually have a central opening, Y-fronts and trunks traditionally have a right-handed opening, making it potentially more tricky for left-handed men when they are standing at a urinal" (or need to whip it out for some other pressing reason).

To which I say: Who knew?

But thanks to Hom's new underwear, now lefties everywhere can whip it out the way God intended them to. Southpaws rejoice!

(Btw, you can pick up a pair of the Hom H1 Original Maxi Trunk or Hipster for lefties online at and at other fine stores.)

UPDATED: "Be twice the man in Y-front"?! Anybody care to explain?


Anonymous said...

I am once again reminded at how lazy and gross boys are. Why can't they just pull em down like the rest of us?!

David T. said...

I fear the unintended consequences. Fewer boys will learn how to be ambidextrous.

Dave S. said...


The one-word answer to your question is "urinals."

At first I thought the post title said "left-hanging" men and I thought the last niche was about to be filled. So to speak.

Another David S. said...

To Anonymous:
We *do* pull 'em down--at least those of us who can't fit through those little openings (no matter what side they're on).

And btw, I am a lefty, but I long ago learned to...ahem...adjust to this biased righthanded world we live in. Hmpf.