Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You really think we're that shallow?

I like those amusing Progressive Insurance ads featuring Flo just as much as the next person. But I found this ad, titled "Choices," which I've been seeing a lot of lately (mainly during ball games and on The Weather Channel), sexist -- and offensive.

Do you really think we forty-something women are that shallow, guys, that when given the choice, we'll just automatically go for whatever it is the (preferably shirtless) cute, hunky guy is selling? (Also, why do we always look like frazzled housewives or else naughty librarians in these types of ads?)

Apparently, the answer is "YES!"


Memo to Sauza Tequila: No, I have never wanted to make it with a lifeguard -- or without one. (That Sauza-Rita sounds DISGUSTING. Ew. Also, that lifeguard? He's also -- DUM DUM DUM -- the Kraft Zesty Italian Guy. Double ew. You want to pander to my baser desires, Sauza? Bring back the intelligent fireman -- and don't forget the kitten.)

I know I asked this the other day, but what is with Madison Avenue and all the chick porn ads the last year?

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