Monday, April 1, 2013

Thoughts on Opening Day (Baseball Haiku)

In honor of Opening Day 2013, I have composed the following baseball haiku. I invite all of you to submit your own baseball haiku (or thoughts on the 2013 season), in the Comments section.

On opening day
Every team has a chance
Even the Astros

That's a lot of games to play
Six months of baseball

Ya gotta believe
That's what they tell us Mets fans
Maybe next year, sigh

So long Santana
It was fun watching you pitch
Mets lose another

Will the Nationals
Get to the playoffs again?
Nats fans sure think so

The Los Angeles
Angels of Anaheim, yikes
That is a mouthful

So, how's that A-Rod
contract working out for
all you Yankees fans?

Hey Red Sox Nation,
Think you stand a chance this year?
AL East is tough

American League
Time to retire the DH
Not going to happen

Who do you root for?
Yankees, Red Sox, Nats?
May the best team win

Play ball!


Anonymous said...

It's a simple game
You throw the ball you catch the
ball you hit the ball

Betty Cracker said...

Rays' Sam Fuld is hot
Good fielder and hitter too
But mostly he's hot

J. said...

I LOL'd, Betty
Fuld is definitely hot
Looks like David Wright