Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The one about naughty librarians

I get it, guys. You like to watch porn (except, apparently, for Rick Santorum). But can you please keep it to yourselves -- and out of commercials that air (constantly) between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. on basic cable?

I am not sure what's going on on Madison Avenue, but there seems to be a feeling among advertising (and corporate?) executives that working women and stay-at-home (or work-from-home) moms all secretly want to be porn stars.

And while I'll admit I found the Liquid Plumr Double Impact (aka Liquid Plumr Makes a Porno) ad amusing, the "Naughty Librarian" ad for Pearle Vision, which I keep seeing on TV (and I don't watch that much TV), has me rolling my myopic eyes:

Though I guess it's not that much worse than the naughty library ad Wonderful Pistachios ran a couple years back:

Maybe I'm missing something here, or maybe I've worked in libraries for too long, but what's the deal? Do you people (with penises) really think we women are going to buy glasses or pistachio nuts because we secretly want to be naughty librarians? Clearly this is some guy fantasy (of a guy who has never spent time in an actual library), and explains much of Tina Fey's appeal, but I don't get it.

Ladies, you tell me: Do you dream of being a naughty librarian? (And yes, you can leave your comment anonymously.)


The Daily Del Franco said...

The librarians at my local library look more like Miss Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies than Jenna Jameson.

I must be going to the wrong library.

Anonymous said...

These ads are produced by a frat down the way. Stay-at-home/work-at home, and working women just want someone else to cook, a whole hour to read a book and get to bed early. Now that is the fantasy (well add a Jets superbowl and I would be over the moon)