Sunday, April 7, 2013

Looking for something yummy for dinner?

This month, the teenager started her own food blog. The blog is called Yes to Yummy, and it chronicles her adventures in cooking healthy gourmet meals -- that are sugar- and wheat/gluten-free, as well as free of processed foodstuffs*, but full of flavor.

Here's a screenshot of one of her recent blog posts, titled "Baaad to the Boneless":

You can find out why and how she decided to change her diet, lost 30 pounds in six months, and became a gourmet chef (she cooks all of our dinners, which I'd put up against almost any restaurant chef's** -- and sometimes other meals, too) on her About Me page. (Spoiler: She didn't have any food allergies or gastrointestinal issues. She was overweight, though not fat, but we never told her to go on a diet -- just to eat in moderation, i.e., measure out what a portion or a single serving really was. Changing her diet, mainly kicking out sugar, wheat, and processed food, was all her idea -- and had to do with wanting to feel and look better.)

She also has a Yes to Yummy Facebook page, which the spouse and I have already "Liked" -- and the teenager would appreciate other people liking too. (Hint.)

So, if you are looking for delicious and nutritious dinner menus -- that happen to be wheat/gluten- and sugar-free -- check out Yes to Yummy!

Note: She plans on posting a different healthy meal every day -- and will also feature sweet (healthy) treats in the coming weeks. So be sure to follow her!

*All of our meat and poultry comes from a wonderful local butcher that only sells organic, free-range, grass-fed meat raised less than 150 miles away. We also buy our milk, eggs, and cheese from a local environmentally responsible farm. And most of the vegetables we eat are locally grown -- and/or are organic, not because organic food is better for you but because we don't want to ingest pesticides.

**And I'm not just saying that because I'm a proud Jewish mother. Though your son should be so lucky to find a nice girl like my daughter who can cook him nice, healthy meals -- and smart too. And would it kill you to click on her blog? You look like you could lose a few pounds. Not that you heard it from me. 

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