Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Would you buy this ____ from this sexy shirtless guy?

There seems to be a trend of sexy guys selling food (and booze) -- without a shirt on. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I could watch this ad for Sauza Tequila, titled "Make it with a fireman," over and over and over...

And it's not just booze I'm talking about. Companies -- and bloggers -- are using half-naked dudes to promote all sorts of stuff, like how to ice (or frost) a cake....

(The top demographic for that video? Men aged 45 to 54.)

While to a certain extent I get the whole using-cute-guy-without-a-shirt-to-sell-booze-and-sweet-treats thing, I'm a little at a loss to explain the thinking behind this commercial from Kraft Dressing, which features a hunky guy selling Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing -- without a shirt on.

[H/T to friend of the blog VB, aka Anonymous, for sending me that.]

So, ladies, you feeling all... zesty? (Personally, I'd rather make it with the fireman. Also, I just can't get that excited about salad dressing, even if you can use it on anything.)

Can one of you people who works in Marketing or Advertising enlighten me? Does seeing a good-looking guy, especially one without a shirt, promoting a product really get people to buy that product? How many horny housewives (and freelance writers) and gay guys are there? (And for the record, that bottle of Sauza Tequila was a gift.)

UPDATED 4/8/13: OMG, I do not believe it! Mr. Zesty Italian Dressing is cheating on Kraft with Sauza Tequila! (And is it me, or did Mr. Zesty Italian get a whole lot nakeder and beefier?)

Sigh. Keep your shirt on, buddy. I'd rather make it with that fireman.


The Daily Del Franco said...

This objectification of men must stop at once. We're more than merely playthings.

Anonymous said...

Fireman didn't get topless but there was a kitten-so WINNER!!!

Glad I could to the discussion of these weighty matters!!!

J. said...

@Anonymous, did you stop watching between 1:07 and 1:11?! Cause there is definitely no shirt for several seconds. (I was doing Market Research, people.)

@The Daily Del Franco, keep your shirt on. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was distracted my the kitty!!!