Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jets vs. Patriots: This time it's personal

I just love me some good football smack talk, though I think the Jets are asking for trouble talking smack about the New England Patriots and QB Tom Brady right now (especially considering the whooping they got the last time they played them).

[NOTE: This video, which I found after I wrote this post, is probably NOT safe for work -- that is, if you are familiar with Rex Ryan's verbal stylings.]

Do you really think calling Patriots quarterback Tom Brady an a-hole is going to help the Jets cause, Antonio Cromartie? Or do you think it's an invitation to a major butt-kicking?

As for Jets Coach Rex "Footloose" Ryan, a media gift who keeps on giving, if the Jets beat the Patriots this Sunday, no one will care what smack he talked about Tom Brady or the Patriots. In fact, sports talk radio hosts (yes, I'm talking to you, Craig Carton) will sing his praises come Monday morning. But if the Jets lose.... (Yeah, yeah, Patriots fans, pipe down.)

Btw, Jets and Jets fans have not been the only ones talking smack about this Sunday's big big AFC divisional playoff game between the New York Jets (of New Jersey) and the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Patriots Wide Receiver Wes Welker had a few choice foot metaphors for Rex Ryan and the Jets. And this Pats fan (see video, below) also has some opinions about Sunday afternoon's Jets - Patriots matchup.

[NOTE: This video is also not entirely safe for work, unless you are a Patriots fan.]

But let me ask all of you. (All five of you.) What do you guys think about football smack talk and, more importantly, about this Sunday's big game between the Jets and Patriots?

Let me know via a blog comment.

And even though we took the Pats in the NFL playoff pool (hangs head in shame)... GO JETS!

UPDATED 1/17/11: Jets won! Jets won! Still can't quite believe it. To Pittsburgh -- and beyond!


Anonymous said...

You should hang your head in shame! Football pool or no football pool - you have to believe in your team.
Go Jets!!!

larissa said...

In favor of it
One requirement: humor
It's nice to be nice

Jim Smith II said...

Personally, I think Ryan is a genius. All anyone has talked about all week is the talk. No one has asked him questions about health or coverage or anything football related. It's all about the "smack". If I'm a head coach I like the idea of all eyes on me, easier for my players and coaches to get their work done.

It's like the reverse Seahawks, no one is talking or thinking about us. I like it that way...

J. said...

@Anonymous: I know. I know. The spouse made me do it!

@Larissa: Nice sports smack? Is that anything like a unicorn?

@Jim Smith II: Vedy intahvesting. You may have a point there. Never thought of it that way. Just hope the Jets win Sunday so Ryan doesn't look like an idiot. (So how did you find my little blog?)

Dave S. said...

Great Pats fan video - "500 pounds of dynamite and spiders" edged out Belichick as Blofeld for the win there. Wicked ahhhsome! Although that was one of the more civilized Bahston accents...

I've seen JS2's theory echoed elsewhere but all that gets left on the sidelines come gametime.

Not much for a Bills fan to root for here (or elsewhere for that matter) but my pretend money is on the Pats.

Anonymous said...

Head still hanging in shame?

The JETS played an outstanding game. Think twice before you turn your back on them again in any football pools.


Jim Smith II said...

J - Honestly, I don't 100% remember how I found your blog (ain't the interwebs wonderful?). I *think* it was via something in my Reader, but I can't say for sure. That said, it amused me enough to add it to my RSS feed...

Congrats on the win! Wish we'd have had similar results.

J. said...

@Anonymous: No longer hanging my head in shame. To Pittsburgh -- and beyond!

@Jim: I'm honored. Thank you. (Maybe next year for the Seahawks. Just hope they have a winning record.)