Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I may be sticking my neck out here

But don't you think someone at the Santa Barbara Zoo would have noticed that one of their female giraffes was packing on a little weight?

I get that Masai giraffes are good at hiding their pregnancies, but how do you hide the fact you're carrying a 106-pound, 5'9" giraffe calf? And then hide the fact there's suddenly a new giraffe in the enclosure? Oh, I know: Some kid just left her 5'9" 106-pound stuffed giraffe in the giraffe exhibit! (See the video.)

(Giraffes must be Scientologists.)

Anyway... meet Daniel, the newest giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo, a not-so-little ray of sunshine for a cold, snowy day (at least here in the Northeast).

For more about Daniel the baby Masai giraffe, click here.


David said...

Obviously the zookeepers were not invited to the baby shower. Mama had set up a registry at minijake (shameless plug).

J. said...

@David, next time you decide to shamelessly plug Mini Jake, your fabulous, award-winning children's toy and furniture store, include a link!

larissa said...

Oh you're killing me
Show me the way to go home
To see the giraffes

Ange said...

Aww...serious cuteness alert! <3