Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anyone know who's going to win Super Bowl XLV?

Cause I got an NFL Post-Season Playoff Bracket I could use some help filling in.

(Click on the NFL Post-Season Playoff Bracket Pool picture below to see a larger version.)

Let me know your picks. And if you're correct, I may cut you in on the action. (Note: New England Patriots fans excluded, but thanks for playing.)

Me? I'm torn, especially concerning this weekend's first round of the AFC playoffs. As a Jets fan, I am rooting for the Jets, but I'm nervous about the Colts. The other AFC game is much easier. I'm rooting for (and picking) the Baltimore Ravens over the Kansas City Chiefs.

As for this weekend's NFC playoff games, I'm going with the New Orleans Saints over the Seattle Seahawks (who should not even have been allowed in the playoffs with a losing record -- talk about Who dat?!). But the Green Bay Packers at the Philadelphia Eagles game is a toughie. Anyone?

Also, I completely agree with Mike and Mike over on ESPN and this guy that the four AFC games being played this weekend are being played in the wrong stadiums. I know why they are being played where they are, but it's just wrong that the teams with better records are on the road. Time to re-seed.

As for round two of the playoffs, I've been second-guessing myself all week. I mean, how do you not pick the New England Patriots to win against the New York Jets or the Indianapolis Colts? Though I think both teams are worthy opponents, and the Jets did beat the Pats early on in the season. I also find it hard to bet against the Pittsburgh Steelers (even though I loathe "alleged" rapist Ben Roethlisburger).

And I think the Atlanta Falcons will probably beat whomever they face (the Saints or the Seahawks). Though I think the Chicago Bears could lose to the Eagles (assuming the Eagles beat the Packers) if Michael Vick (I know, I know: What about the DOGS?!) is having a good game.

Speaking of the Eagles, even though I HATE typing this, I think it's possible we could have an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl this year, Eagles vs. Steelers, though I'm sure the even money is on the Patriots and Falcons, the two NFL teams with the best regular season records.

Decisions, decisions....

Brother, can you spare a pick?

UPDATED 1/9/11: Well, thanks to the spouse (who picked the Colts over the Jets in our bracket pool, despite my wanting to pick the Jets), we are currently 0-2. Woohoo! Thought I'm not too upset as my Jets made it to the next round. Go Jets!

UPDATED 1/17/11: Well, so much for the NFL playoff bracket pool! But you know what? I don't care! GO JETS! To Pittsburgh -- and beyond! How awesome would a Jets - Packers Super Bowl be? (Rats. Probably just jinxed it.)

UPDATED 1/24/11: Well, now we know: Packers vs. Steelers. (My gut was right about the Steelers -- and SHF was right about the Packers.) Until next year, Jets fans...


Steven Harlan Friedlander said...

The Ravens will be beat the Chiefs; the Colts will be beat the Jets. The Patriots will be beat the Colts. The Steelers will beat the Ravens. The Steelers will be beat Patriots.

The Saints will be beat the Seahawks. The Packers will beat the Eagles. The Falcons will beat the Packers. The Saints will be beat the Bears. The Packers will beat the Bears.

The Packers will beat the Steelers to win the Super Bowl.

CRR said...

Eagles vs Patriots. Want the Eagles but Patriots will win I think. Chicago looks good tho.

EPS said...

Ravens beat Chiefs.
Colts beat Jets.
Pats beat Ravens.
Steelers beat Colts.
Pats beat Steelers.

Saints beat Seahawks
Packers beat Eagles
Saints beat Falcons
Packers beat Bears
Saints beat Packers

Pats beat Saints in Superbowl
Total Superbowl points: 59

J. said...

Well, I'm 2-4 so far -- and would have been 3-4 if I had cajoled the spouse into taking the Jets. But I'm still in the running! (We picked the Pats and Falcons in the Super Bowl with the Pats winning.)

Steven still has a chance; CRR and EPS, thanks for playing. :-)