Thursday, January 20, 2011

No pants required

I give you the 2011 NYC No Pants Subway Ride, orchestrated by Improv Everywhere:

Over 3500 exhibitionists, ranging from a few months to 76 years old, took off their pants and rode the New York City subways in the name of art and improv.

Pants off to you guys. Very cheeky of you. The thighs have it.... OK, I'll stop now.

Btw, I'm guessing that all those people who looked surprised were tourists. No pants on the subway? Eh, just another typical day on the MTA.


Anonymous said...

Pants on the ground...pants on the ground.

BTW-how is that shocking in NYC?

J. said...

Hence my comment that all those surprised-looking people had to have been tourists. ;-)

larissa said...

My legs would be blue
That might make New Yorkers look
Then again, doubtful

Dave S. said...

My first reaction to that is Brrrrrrr. Extra points for wintertime no-pants.

However, I would not sit in public transit seating sans pants, but maybe that's just me.

Any video of the Brighton Beach station featuring Russian grandmothers assaulting men for indecency and warning young women they'll go sterile?

Laura47 said...

Another year, another no pants day. What I'm wondering is what are the other 50 cities where it took place? I can see it being more of a problem in some places than New York, where it certainly appeared that not many of the male subway riders were all that unhappy about all the young women without their pants. :)

J. said...

@Dave S., Brr indeed. My legs get goosebumps just thinking about that. Also with you on not sitting on public transport sans pants. Ew.

@Laura47, I agree, that would probably be more interesting. Did you check the Improv Everywhere site?

Laura47 said...

I haven't checked their site, J, because every time I do I get sucked into spending FAR too many hours watching the videos of their wonderful events. They've done some really brilliant stuff -- and a few duds, but they're far outnumbered by the good stuff.

Although it's been probably at least a year since I checked the site, so I suspect I know how the rest of my afternoon will be occupied. :)