Wednesday, January 12, 2011

View from a snow storm

I haven't turned on the Weather Channel yet, but I'm guessing we got well over a foot of snow between 8 o'clock last night and 8 o'clock this morning, when I took these three pictures.

This, btw, would be the THIRD MAJOR SNOW STORM we've had in just over two weeks. And I am starting to feel as though I live in Buffalo, not Southern Connecticut.

Anyway, here's the picture I snapped earlier of our snow-covered deck, taken standing up. (I'm 5'2" with my slippers on.)

And here's what the deck looks like from our cats' point of view:

Note: To see what the deck looked like after the first snow storm (back on December 26-27), as well as a professional photographer's fantastic short time-lapse video of the storm's affect on his deck, click here.

Oh, and here are the icicles that now hang from the deck overhang:

And here's my art shot of our backyard after the last snow storm (which took place less than a week ago):

I used to think snow was all magical and pretty. Now? Not so much.

I am also terrified of the prospect of having to shovel our walkway and around the garage. (And no, there is no one who will do it for us.)

Wish me luck, people! Updates to follow...

UPDATE #1: The sun is out! Here's hoping this means no more snow. Also, here's a (slightly) better picture of the icicles, which I thought were cool:

UPDATE #2: While I was cleaning and doing laundry and working, the spouse was out shoveling the front walkway and around the garage. Went much faster than I thought, so I have been relieved of snow shoveling duty. For now. In other news, the plow guy has yet to show up, so we're still snowed in.

UPDATE #3: I can see my driveway! Thank you, Jimmy the Plow Guy! (Of course, it's going to be a skating rink after it refreezes.)

UPDATE #4 - 1/13/11: The sky is falling. Or rather the ceiling above our bay window is. All the snow and ice that built up in the gutters and on the roof above the living room bay window is now making its way into our living room. While I like the idea of an indoor pool, I don't want one in our living room. Been mopping and laying out buckets and receptacles -- and moved all the furniture out of the way. But if this keeps up, we are seriously screwed. The worst (?) part, we have already replaced our roof -- TWICE -- in the last 10 years and replaced all the windows to prevent this from happening.


Dave S. said...

Two words. Child Labor. It's not like she's at school or anything.

Meanwhile our schools have responded to an inch of snow with a two-hour delay. We're not in Upstate New York anymore.

Verification word "affampo" which is the sound of all that snow sliding off the roof and onto the deck.

Betty Cracker said...

Brrrrr!!! And I second Dave's endorsement of child labor: It builds character! I told my kid that when she was complaining about "poop patrol" duty (heh) in the backyard.

I helpfully pointed out that shoveling up dog poop is not only an honorable profession in its own right but offers metaphorical insights into her future working life no matter what field she chooses to enter. That applies to snow as well, albeit with less funk.

J. said...

@Dave S. + @Betty Cracker: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Excuse me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys crack me up.

On a more serious note, we will probably get her to help, but in typical J-THREE-O fashion, she will shovel for five minutes, announce it is way too hard and/or boring. Play with the shovel in the snow, and then abandon it someplace, causing me to have to go seek it out.

larissa said...

Tempted to drive West
I'm thinking California
Over and over

Anonymous said...

Can you send your kid over to my house to practice on my driveway? Child labor laws seem to be ineffective in my house even when I threaten to take away all electronics! :)

J. said...


Earthquakes, much rain and mudslides,
Be careful out there

@Anonymous, I assume that comment was not directed at me but at either Dave S. or Betty. You should have seen the look on our daughters face when I told her to come upstairs and help me strip and make her bed. Oh the horror. FWIW, we gave her a choice, either clean up her room or shovel. She chose the former, but apparently we have different definitions of "clean."

Ange said...

Holy Moly! It doesn't snow in Auckland (does further south) so I have never, ever seen snow in real life. To me this looks COOOOOOOOOL!!

J. said...

@Ange, You are most welcome to come here and cart as much snow as you like back to New Zealand. Similarly, I would be happy to pack up some and personally deliver it to you. :-)

EMM said...

I love snow, blame it on my upstate NY upbringing. Not having to drive to work in the snow is a bonus b/c most people in the DC area; a) can't drive and b) DON'T KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY BRUSH OFF THEIR CARS.

I am very good at shoveling and look forward to the task when I'm home at Christmas. The key to not having to do heavy lifting is to shovel eary and often. Plus, it counts as exercise.

A few years ago, when I was thinking of moving back to Rochester, I was excited about having to buy a snow-blower.

Your photos are beautiful.

J. said...

Hey you Rochester-area folks (in a previous life) any idea on how to clear an ice dam? All the snow and ice has caused the melting water to seep in through seems in our bay window, and the ceiling above said bay window is about to cave in. I have buckets and towels arranged across the living room, and mopped and emptied receptacles all morning. But I fear the worst is yet to come. Help!