Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Winter, we are THROUGH

To tell you the truth, I never really liked you. You were always so cold to me. Icy even. Pulling one snow job over me after another. But I put up with you because I used to think snow was pretty. Not any more.

Now you've finally done it.

Usually when you dump a lot of snow on me, you soften the blow with a couple of unseasonably warm days that melt it all away before any damage is done. But not this year. Nope. This year you had to go outdo yourself. As if 18 inches of snow were not enough, you had to go dump another 18 inches on top of it. And now you're sending me freezing rain?

Furthermore, as if I didn't feel like I was already in prison you had to go and stick bars of ice all around my house. Yeah, very pretty... until one stabs you in the heart. (On the plus side, the snow vampires seem to be keeping away.)

And that cute little trick with the water you pulled in our living room? Not so cute. Though the living room did need to be painted. Just wasn't counting on having to also replace a couple of walls and the bay window and the chimney and the roof.

And for crying out loud, couldn't you have left my office alone? (Though, I admit, climbing out my office window -- which is two stories up -- and banging all the ice off it and the gutter with a hammer did feel kind of good. But did that stop all the water leaking in? No. FYI, all that ice you see in the picture at right? Gone. Oh yeah.)

So Winter, I'm through with you. Done. You are no longer welcome here. Take your snow storms and freezing rain and wind chills and go find some skiers to screw with.

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Anonymous said...

and let us not forget...the KIDS are home!!!