Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Senator Scott Brown to bare all yet again

This time for HarperCollins Publishers.

Per a report in today's New York Times, newly elected freshman Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has been signed by HarperCollins to write "a memoir about his life and political career."

The man has been a United States Senator for, what, five minutes, and already he's inked a deal to write a memoir about his political career? (Though first he's got to run it by the Senate Ethics Committee. I know: like that has ever stopped anyone.) Isn't a Wikipedia page and a Saturday Night Live skit enough?!

But I guess baring his soul (and various body parts) to Cosmopolitan in a two-page centerfold was not enough for Scott Brown.

Now the junior Senator from Massachusetts will have hundreds of pages to strut his stuff.

Though, of course, by the time the book is published, Scott Brown may no longer be junior Senator from Massachusetts. Or the book could catapult Brown to bigger and better things.

Romney - Brown 2012?


David T. said...

How about Brown and Boehner?: A Brown and Atomic Tan.

Dave S. said...

Looks like you left HC too soon...

Brown and Boehner would actually be Brown and Orange.

Powaqqatsi said...

From an old friend in Chicago, an amateur effort with crafty lyrics:

(With apologies to the J. Geils Band, JRC's Alte Rockers poke fun at Scott Brown, the junior Senator from Massachusetts.)


Pinch me now! Can this be true?
There in Teddys seat,
A strapping young Republican
Grins at our defeat.

What did voters see in him?
Did Democrats go wrong?
What turned them to the GOP?
How did he turn them on?

Then last night, on CNN,
I saw what they had seen:
Its Senator McSteamy, in a Cosmo magazine.

Hes big and bold,
My id is raging uncontrolled--
The Senators a centerfold
(Senators a centerfold)

Too hot to get cold,
Like Michael Phelps, hes hung with gold! (Senators a centerfold)

When we saw Obama flex,
Showing off his manly pecs,
Voters should have known that we were in
For sexy views.
Now Murdochs got a Fox-y lady:
Sarah Palin, slim and shady, her
Intellect reflecting in those patent leather shoes.

But this man from Massachusetts
Has trumped them all, Id say--
That photograph shows everything
From Cape Cod to Back Bay!

Ive been cajoled,
That firm positions hard to hold--
The senators a centerfold
(Senators a centerfold!)

My vote is sold!
The bell on health care has been tolled.
(Senators a centerfold). Na na na na

When your countrys in a fix,
Its time for pin-up politics.
Problems come and problems go--
All that matters is the show.

The future of democracy
Is sure to be X-rated--
The swimsuit issues coming soon
In Congress Illustrated.

The problems that we face are tough--
We need a leader who is buff!
Who needs another year or three?
I know what Brown can do for me.

Why be a scold?
His views are something to behold!
The senators a centerfold
(Senators a centerfold)

Opinions polled—
His openness has been extolled
The senators a centerfold
(Senators a Centerfold)
Na na na na..

The fad takes hold--
But Robert Byrd, youre much too old!
The senators a centerfold
(Senators a centerfold)