Monday, March 1, 2010

Bulldog beauty queens and gun-toting caffeine addicts

What do bulldog beauty queens and gun-toting caffeine addicts have in common? Only the fact that both made headlines this morning -- and I have a thing for both bulldogs and Frappuccinos.

Let's start with the bulldogs, shall we? As most of you probably do not know (unless you live in Southern California and own a bulldog), the fifth annual Bulldog Beauty Contest, sponsored by Haute Dogs, took place this Sunday in Long Beach. And as per usual, it did not disappoint.

This year's winner in the English Bulldog category was Mr. Big Bear Lake, Winston, a two-year-old English Bulldog. The winner in the Pug (and best-name) category (though I don't consider pugs bulldogs): Thurston Howl. Btw, all the proceeds from the pageant go to charity.

Moving onto the gun-toting caffeine addicts, who are much less cute (though equally dogged)... As reported in this Associated Press article, a number of gun owners in states where it is legal to openly carry fire arms (like Virginia, home of many of my readers) have been targeting Starbucks and other seemingly liberal, effete dining establishments.

According to the article, however, the baristas at Starbucks haven't risen to the bait -- i.e., refused to serve these gun-toting cappuccino and Frappuccino sippers. Though I think the first sentence of the article may explain why: "Dale Welch recently walked into a Starbucks in Virginia, handgun strapped to his waist, and ordered a banana Frappuccino with a cinnamon bun."

(Now read it again. That sentence just cracks me up every single time. Is that a banana Frappuccino in your cupholder, or are you just happy to see me? I just crack myself up.)

Maybe it's just me, but I don't consider a cinnamon bun eating, banana Frappuccino sipping 71-year-old a major threat, even if he is packing heat. (Though maybe I should.) However, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence thinks otherwise, and has been circulating a petition demanding that Starbucks "offer espresso shots, not gunshots" and declare its coffeehouses "gun-free zones."


jjv said...

The only establishment I have carried firearms into that served food is the Burger King that is open at 5:30 a.m to cater to hunters. No one blinked there either but everyone orders regular coffe. There is a frisson of joy in upsetting the Northern Virginia weenies with a reminder that this is not the Upper West Side.

Anonymous said...

You have just got to love the Good Old US of A (I must visit properly again sometime soon). When I go shooting I carefully make sure no-one can see that I am carrying a shotgun or rifle for fear of upsetting a tree-hugger or a concerned citizen reporting terrorist activity and an armed response unit with helicopter descending on me !!!

I don't drink coffee before going tho'...It gives me the shakes and that doesn't help much !!

Anon from over the pond !