Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Top 8 guys perform (UPDATED)

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for the guys of American Idol.

And let us hope (pray) that the guys of American Idol do better than the gals did last night. (Save me, Lee Dewyze, save me.)

First up for the guys...

Lee Dewyze: Owl City's "Fireflies" seems kind of a weird song choice for Lee. (I would have expected it of Aaron Kelly or Tim Urban, but not Lee.) And not really working for me. My grade for Lee: a solid B. I'm with Simon, he's better than that song, but he's still going to make it into the Top 12.

Alex Lambert: If this were on VH1's Pop-Up Video there would be a thought bubble above Alex Lambert's head saying "Please don't throw up. Please don't throw up." And the weird thing is, he has a really nice voice, and "Trouble" was a good choice. The guy just looks terrified or catatonic whenever he performs. And - GASP - I totally agree with Kara DioGuardi (and Simon). The guy has got to loosen up AND be more confident. Though I draw the line at envisioning Randy Jackson in a bikini. My grade for Alex: A- for the song, C for the performance.

Tim Urban: Watching (and listening) to Tim Urban sing "Hallelujah" for some reason is conjuring images of Sean Cassidy in The Hardy Boys (how great would it be for Urban to sing "Da Doo Run Run"?!) and David Cassidy in The Partridge Family -- and not in a good way. Give me Jason Castro's version. Okay, yes, it was better than Tim's other performances, but really, do you want this guy as your next American Idol? (That would be a rhetorical question, btw.) My grade for Tim Urban: B

Andrew Garcia: So will Andrew Garcia let the "Genie out of the bottle" tonight? Apparently not enough (per the judges). I'm not familiar with the original Christina Aguilera version, but I'm liking Andrew Garcia's version. A leetle pitchy, but a good performance. Another B/B+. However, after listening to Randy, Kara, and Simon trash it, I think Andrew's days are numbered -- to one.

Casey James: It's Casey James unplugged. I'll say this for Casey, he knows who he is (despite what Randy says) -- and he can sing. I'm not familiar with the Keith (no relation to Tim) Urban version, but I can totally hear Casey's version of "You'll Think of Me" on the radio. I give Casey an A-/B+ -- and I give Kara a C (for Cougar).

Aaron Kelly: Aaron isn't there yet. Started really pitchy, though it got better. Still, not a great performance -- and no "wow" moment. Also, I'm not an Aaron Kelly fan. Sorry peeps. B-

Todrick Hall: I wish American Idol would give me somebody to love. There are several singers I like this season (Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus, Lee Dewyze), but I'm just not feeling the love -- or love -- right now. Though Todrick is finally getting some love from the judges. I like Todrick, and saw him as a front runner during the auditions, but I don't see him as the next American Idol anymore -- and agree with Simon that Todrick belongs on Broadway, and not on the stage of the Kodak Theater. The J-TWO-O family gives Mr. Hall a B/B+

Michael Lynche: Yawn. Tooooo sloooow. (J-THREE-O just yawned.) I like Michael Lynche, but he's no Ruben Studdard, whom he reminds me a bit of. I give it a solid B. WHA?! I don't know who or what Randy was listening to. Or Ellen. Or Kara. It was a good performance but a tearjerker?! The best performance of all the performances on the live show?! WHA?

My (our) predictions: Andrew Garcia is toast (per the spouse, and I agree) and Todrick Hall may be joining him. Will update the post tomorrow, after the results show.

J-TWO-O out.

UPDATED 3/11/10: Thank God and American Idol viewers that Lee Dewyze is safe -- and Todrick Hall is the guy going home, though I liked Todrick. Wait. What?! Alex Lambert is going home tonight? Andrew Garcia is safe? Whoa. Didn't see that coming. Well, good for Andrew, though I still think his nights are numbered. And I still think Alex has a really nice voice. He just needs to work on the rest of the package.

NEXT WEEK ON AMERICAN IDOL... The Rolling Stones -- the theme, that is, not the actual group. (I will have to catch it on TiVo as I have a class until 9 p.m. next Tuesday.)


Madam Toussaint said...

OK, I'm working on writing shorter comments here :)

Lee Dewyze: I like his voice but it has been so done. He'll go far here though.

Alex Lambert: I love this guy's voice but he is too tight. He has the voice I most prefer to hear this season.

Tim Urban: This guy's playing to win or at least to stay now. Jason Castro reference-funny!

Andrew Garcia: A very suggestive song choice for a man! One of my favs though.

Casey James: I agree

Aaron Kelly: Forgot about him. I enjoyed watching Kara get checked on the age comments.

Todrick Hall: He thinks he's Adam Lambert only better. His ego is in the way I think. It's clouding his judgement. Todrick's best performance: his audition.

Michael Lynche: Tears? Really? Totally exaggerated praise from the panel.

This season better get good fast.

J. said...

@Madam Toussaint: Thanks for the great comments. Sounds like we are on the same page when it comes to this season of Idol. And re "This season better get good fast." I could not agree with you more. Fingers (toes and eyes) are crossed -- or at least for more upbeat songs and better performances. (I think we have established that the remaining contestants are good singers. The question is, Are they good performers who could have a career in the music business?)

marindenver said...

I've been working late last few nights and we forgot to record it so I just checked out the performance videos of my faves on the AI website this morning. The huge advantage to that strategy is YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO/SEE/REALIZE KARA EXISTS!!! She's not one of my faves. ;-)

It's Casey and Crystal for me all the way. Casey had a nice bit of edge in the song he did - not quite the lovable puppy he's kind of played before. And Crystal should just be fronting a band right now.

Definitely liked Siobhan, Lily kind of a disappointment. And Lee Dewyze was Lee De-Why? for me this time.

All for now - back to crunching taxes.

marindenver said...

O.M.G. LILLY was sent home!?! That wasn't her best performance but overall she is much better than some of the other performers. I'm, like, totally shocked. Hubbie said he is ready to quit AI altogether. And considering he's been a big fan since the show started that's some definite disappointment. Will hang in for the next show anyway but not very happy right now.

Madam Toussaint said...

Re "The question is, Are they good performers who could have a career in the music business?" I think America forgets about that sometimes.

The show is in such a bubble you know. We may like some of these kids but wouldn't buy their music in real life. Lilly and Alex what an upset! Maybe they're trying to make things less predictable? Maybe the AI gods can focus on making it a good less predictable instead of the bad one it's been...