Saturday, December 19, 2009

Football, beer, and dogs. Does it get any better than this?

No wonder they call dogs "man's best friend." Not only can he help you crack open a nice cold beer*...

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he's the perfect tailgate companion...

And speaking of beer and football and tailgating, enterprising 21-year-old inventor, football fan, and beer drinker Dan Klavoon, from Lockport, New York, this week won the Bud Light "Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved" contest (a free trip to the 2010 Super Bowl) with his must-have tailgating invention the Beer Sphere. (It's a football! It's a beer chiller! It's the Beer Sphere!)

Of course, as both my teams -- the New Jersey Giants and New Jersey Jets -- have practically no chance of making the playoffs this year, and I don't have a dog (except when it comes to the sports teams I root for), and I have not gotten so lazy that I cannot simply get up and get the spouse a beer, I do not (currently) have use for any of these marvelous products. But they make great stocking stuffers! Order yours today!

*I love how Bark4Beer calls its product "The Best Dog Collar Bottle Opener," so you won't confuse it with all those other dog collar bottle openers.


Dave S. said...

Western New York, represent! That footage was shot in July, by the way.

As for the idea itself, the drinker's experience of Bud Lite can only be improved by having most of it foam out of the can thanks to the in-flight agitation, thus sparing the drinker from having to consume much of it.

The video tried to walk the fine line between the necessity of showing the beer being opened and obscuring the after-effects, but failed, as you clearly see a lot of foam on opening, and in the next shot the recipient is clearly trying to dry his hand off.

On the other hand, you could play an entire game with one and make the losers open it, a la Beer Hunter but with no suspense.

jjv said...

Wait, the NY Giants have much more than "almost no chance" of reaching the playoffs. They need only to have the packers or the cowboys stumble. That is perfectly possible. Tie goes to the Giants. You should know this.

J. said...

I would consider a 70% chance of the Giants not making it into the playoffs pretty close to "practically no chance." (Note: I did not write no chance.) And while Dallas may lose to Philadelphia and Green Bay to Arizona I don't see the Giants winning their next two games. However, if I am wrong and the Giants do make it into the playoffs, I will be the first to say I was wrong. (Ditto the Jets, who are also KILLING me. Most. Frustrating. Season. EVER.)