Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cat-acular cat-acular

For the three or four of you who somehow missed seeing these adorable cat videos, here you go.

Up first, "Surprised Kitty":

Up next, "The Return of Ninja Cat":

And finally, my favorite, "French bulldog [with cat]." It's the cat that totally makes this video, IMHO.

[Thanks to my Facebook friends and Cuteoverload.com for bringing these to my attention.]


Dave S. said...

I like how, at about the 30-second mark of cat vs. bulldog, the cat looks at the camera with a "You see what I have to deal with here" look.

The mom is also doing her best to teach the other puppy how to wrestle, including the patented butt-roll. Gracie is an expert at that and will still (pushing age 12) do that with us now and then.

Anonymous said...

Never saw these-thanks J for posting!

The first is adorable!
The third one-the cat must be French with that disdained look! And that wasn't a playful swat!
Poor thing! (talking about the cat)