Thursday, December 3, 2009

Man cleavage

Which is not to be confused with man boobs.

According to a "report" in today's Wall Street Journal (see, this is what happens when Rupert Murdoch buys your paper, people), "Man cleavage -- plunging necklines slit open to reveal chest hair, pectoral muscles, maybe more -- is back."

The Journal even provides this helpful, illustrative video:

I am actually for a little, emphasis on little, man cleavage, i.e., a couple of buttons artfully unbuttoned -- on the right guy -- though I in no way advocate big V-necks or shirts unbuttoned to a guy's pupic, and definitely not male tube tops.

(Full disclaimer: I first heard about this story this morning on Live with Regis and Kelly, where Anderson Cooper was subbing for Regis, and Kelly, after bringing up that she heard man cleavage was back then proceeded for several minutes to cajole Anderson to unbutton his shirt, which despite great effort on Kelly's behalf -- and I was so rooting for her, as was the audience -- he did not do, at least on the air. Boo.)

UPDATED: For those who care, here's a link to highlights of the "man cleavage" segment from Live with Regis and Kelly.


Dave S. said...

Three words:




jjv said...

Regis should have asked him.

Anonymous said...

"Hevage" is more like regurgatory results of seeing this fashion on a guy.

EMM said...

I love how the anchor was trying not to laugh.

He-vage? There will have to be strict rules in place for the men who dare to bare.

The 70's were not kind...

J. said...

@EMM, an excellent idea. Anyone care to write some rules? Btw, I just posted a link to the "man cleavage" segment from this morning's Live with Regis and Kelly, for those that are interested. (It's a highlight reel, only about a minute long.)