Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard that REO Speedwagon has a new online video game

Actually, I heard it from Kai Rissdal, on this morning's Marketplace segment on NPR, and I nearly ran my Mini off the road.

The game, which is only available online, starting TODAY, and is aimed at "casual gamers" (you know who you are), is called REO Speedwagon: Find Your Own Way Home, after the band’s 2007 album. The plot (loosely): Find REO Speedwagon lead singer Kevin Cronin, with the help of his four band mates and a fictional TV entertainment show reporter.

The cost for a single session of REO Speedwagon: Find Your Own Way Home (which can last for up to 10 hours -- though if yours does, I'd call a doctor), only $8! And the first hour is free, people! (For more about the game, read this.)

Btw, the REO Speedwagon interactive online game is being released in conjunction with REO Speedwagon the Christmas album, titled “Not So Silent Night: Christmas With REO Speedwagon.” And when you buy a session of the game, you will receive a coupon code for 25 percent off the holiday album -- and a chance to win tickets to one of REO Speedwagon's upcoming concerts AND meet the band! How awesome is that, people?! We're talking REO Speedwagon here, who gave us such memorable hits as "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore," "Take It on the Run," "Keep on Loving You," and other memorable '80s classics!

You're welcome.


Edward P. Schwartz said...

Given the country we live in, I dare say the 38 Special online game would sell better.

Moishie said...

I read about the REO Speedwagon (what kind of a name for a band is this?) Xmas CD this morning. I wasn't alive when REO was popular, but some of my older friends seem to really "groove" on the "tunes," as thet put it. Sheesh. But still, I may download a "tune" or two from the Xmas CD and share with my older friends...those over 40 or so.

Dave S. said...

By way of cheap shots I should point out that "Essential REO Speedwagon" is a contradiction in terms.

Actually the band is one of my guilty pleasures, but an online game based on them?! Come on. Now, if it was a kind of Mortal Kombat-style game where you have to fight Styx or something, that would, um, rock.

Trivia time! To what does the band's name refer?

J. said...

@Dave S., LOVE your version. But why stop at Styx? I'm thinking online interactive celebrity death match of the late 1970s/early 1980s rock bands, winner gets all the groupies. You take care of the code and I'll work on the marketing.

Dave S. said...

I think the hardest part of the game graphics would be rendering the various kinds of flowing hair.

I think I agree with you on REO vs Styx, but they would be so weakened that Kansas would wipe the floor with them in the finals.

Carry on my wayward blogger...

EMM said...

I'd pick Styx over REO in a melee. The fracas would be more West Side Story than a "real" fight. With all that hair, maybe even a cat-fight. Meow!

If I were betting, Journey would be my pick to kick ass!!!

To Dave S. I guessed REO was a car, but looked it up...the "wagon" part was a truck or fire engine.