Sunday, August 30, 2009


While strolling around East Hampton yesterday afternoon, during a break in the rain, the spouse and I happened upon a lovely little lingerie store, where I found the nicest, softest (and possibly most expensive) lounging pajamas ever. As I was trying on said pajamas, I heard the spouse in intense conversation with the woman who was minding the store, accompanied by peals of laughter.

When I came out and asked the spouse what they were laughing about, he showed me this packet of nipple concealer adhesives called "low beams." Tagline: because "headlights are for cars."

I guess you could call low beams Victoria's secret. ; )

Slightly O/T: Overhead in East Hampton: "All the snobby people live in New Canaan*." This spoken by a 5'7" bleached blond fashionista to her bleached blond fashionista girlfriends.

*and apparently vacation in East Hampton.


TommyMac71 said...

Sometimes I wish I didn't read your blogs, J. There are some things I wish I never knew (or overheard).

What did they carry for the tailpipe???

Another David S. said...

Damn. First they got rid of the panty line, and now the headlights? I'm sorry, but no amount of butt cleavage or visible thong is going to make up for the thrill of feeling like you've got X-ray eyes. :-(

Dave S. said...

It's all marketing:
As TommyMac could tell you
They're upscale pasties