Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keep it in your pants - and out of my inbox

Sigh. I wasn't going to blog about Anthony's Weiner, but since inquiring minds wanted my opinion on the distinguished member of Congress (h/t Jon Stewart), here goes:

I don't care.

Oh, you wanted the longer version. In that case, allow me to quote Jennifer Senior of New York Magazine:

"The real problem with Anthony Weiner... isn’t that he may be blitzkrieging college co-eds with pictures of his dick. The problem is that he’s behaving like one."

Actually, if Congressman Weiner (who has been known to stick up for foreign supermodels) is tweeting crotch shots of himself, the problem is he's a misguided narcissistic bonehead, but I believe that is a prerequisite for "higher" office these days.

More important or serious: Who or what gave guys the idea that emailing or tweeting or texting women pictures of their penis, in any state, is sexy? (Yes, I'm talking to you, Brett Favre, and to a certain former business associate who, come to think of it, bore more than a passing resemblance to #4, who thought drunk texting me pictures of his nether regions was a great idea. It wasn't.)

But don't take my word for it, guys. Take hottie Taryn Southern's.

[H/T to Another David S.]

UPDATE: Holy crap! It's all true! It was Anthony's Weiner. (Click the link to read the latest.)


Betty Cracker said...

I'm still kinda hoping Weiner is keeping the furor going just so it'll blow up in the wingnut media's face when he's exonerated. Probably not. But that's the only satisfactory outcome I can envision to a really, really stupid situation.

Dave S. said...

This Balloon Juice post and comment thread, in addition to the usual trollery and static, has some interesting discussions about what might be going on in all this, including some insight into seemingly contradictory and outright stupid statements being made (eg "Not sure if it's mine?" Come on, but wait...). Betty's hope is expressed as well.

It's superfluous to observe that even if the Andrew Breitbart version is absolutely true, which it is almost certainly not based on past performance, no laws have been broken in any way at any level. Guys act like creeps sometimes -- stop the presses!

Jim Heartney said...

Weiner has been quite clear that he didn't send the picture to anyone, including the intern. Not sure why this is so hard to understand.

The rest is lawyerly evasion. Forensic analysis says the photo didn't come from Weiner's Blackberry, or indeed from any other device he is known to possess. Best hypothesis at this point is that someone guessed his yFrog email code (not hard to do) and uploaded this picture there.

None of which involves his sending a pic of his junk to a woman to impress her.

Laura said...

On a completely unrelated note, I love that the cinematography on that video is by -- Justin Guarini! So much for the great singing career post-American Idol, eh? :)

J. said...

@Laura, I love you for posting that comment. :-)

@Jim, I don't really think Weiner tweeted that photo. He's not that dumb. But why all the "lawerly evasion," especially as Jon Stewart contends, that ain't Anthony's weiner? As for my penultimate paragraph, that was just me jumping the shark a bit so I could segue to the Taryn Southern video, which I had been looking for an excuse to post. ;-)

@Betty and @Dave, I agree this story has gotten out of control and that it's a case of hacking and bad crisis management rather than a sex-starved pol trying to impress some college coed with his manhood. But like Jon Stewart said (which I am paraphrasing), it's hard to pass up a good weiner joke. ;-)

J. said...

Holy shit, it's all true!