Monday, June 20, 2011

Ruffled feathers (aka my swan post)

While at the annual Father's Day Picnic at my in-laws' club yesterday, I spied two swans and became obsessed with getting a picture of at least one of them. [If you click on the picture directly below and squint, you can see two white dots through the railing of the bridge. Those are the swans.]

Finally, after hours of watchfulness, one of the swans finally floated within range of my Canon PowerShot S95's zoom lens. Only to proceed to groom itself for what seemed like an eternity. Stopping but briefly to catch its breath and/or adjust itself. It was during two of these intervals (as I ran back and forth along the water trying to get a good angle) that I managed to snap these three pictures. I am particularly happy with the middle one.

They may have nasty dispositions, but swans sure are beautiful.


Charlene said...

Like many beautiful things they are better viewed at a distance. I agree the spread wing shot is best!

Anonymous said...

beautiful and yummy too.