Friday, June 10, 2011

You'll get a charge out of this bikini.


Introducing the solar-powered bikini!

As Paris Hilton would say, now that's hot!

No more worrying about how to charge your iPod at the beach, ladies -- though forget about swimming. (Though really who swims in the ocean anymore, especially in a bikini?) That's because the solar bikini is made of dozens of photovoltaic film strips and USB connectors, providing enough juice to keep you in iTunes for hours. [Bonus: Also increases breast size!]

There's also a male version in the works, called the iDrink, which, in addition to powering an iPod, allows guys to keep their favorite beverage cool in the hottest situations (and places). [Makes a swell Father's Day gift!]

You can learn more about the solar-powered bikini and the iDrink at Solar Coterie. Custom orders now being accepted!

[H/T to friend of the blog JJV]


Dave S. said...

Any scientist would tell you that it would work best if it were laid out flat on the ground, by the pool.

Verification word "torsol." Close enough.

Anonymous said... getting that!!!


Charlene said...

I was hoping the link led me to a guy modeling the idrink. Sigh.

jjv said...

As if less endowed women have not suffered enough over the millenia. Now science literally gives them less power.