Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's worse than the sound of whining?

According to a new study, not much (if anything).

This finding, of course, comes as no surprise to anyone who a) has flown on an airplane with children; b) tried to have dinner out (at a restaurant other than McDonald's or similar) with children; c) gone on a long car trip with children; d) spent more than a few hours with a child; or e) all of the above.

Indeed, what is amazing to me is that anyone would need to conduct a study -- and got funding to do so! -- to figure out that whining (as well as the sound of a baby or child crying and parental baby talk) is highly annoying and distracting. I could have told you that for nothing -- as could any parent or any non-deaf adult who has spent a few hours with a whiny child (or teen).

Btw, the spouse is so going to throw this post in my face. (Whining, it's not just for kids!)

[To read a short summary of the study, click here.]


Anonymous said...

For me-it is the poking! Poke poke

Though whining is pretty aweful.

Dave S. said...

I guess fewer people have seen Celine Dion in concert than I thought.

Laura said...

You want whining? Try my husband, who has tendinitis in his foot. It huuuuurts. (Mind you, I've had equal or worse pain for the past ten years, but one thing I do NOT do is whine!) He actually called me to come downstairs and put a blanket over him that was 6 feet away from his recliner because he was too pathetic to get up!

Yeah, whining is high on my list right now. Adult whining, that is....

Ange said...

I reckon best contraception for teenage girls ever would be to trap them in a car with sticky, grizzly children at the traffic lights in the middle of summer. Throw in a decent tantrum and that should fix it.