Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feeling Naughty

I love a good beer -- and a good beer label. So when I saw the Naughty Nurse display at Whole Foods, I could not resist.

Anyone care to play doctor with me? ;-) (Love me a good cheeky amber ale.)

Per City Steam's (really lame) website, the Naughty Nurse is a best seller (though I'm guessing their summer ale, titled Blonde on Blonde, will give that amber wench a run for her hops). But I think if they had a really great tagline and/or advertising campaign they would sell even more ale.

Think of the possibilities!

"Take home a Naughty Nurse tonight!"

"Naughty Nurse, it goes down smooth!"

"Grab yourself a Naughty Nurse!"

[I am restraining myself -- barely -- from typing some of my racier taglines.]

But why should I have all the fun? What do you think would be a great tagline for Naughty Nurse Amber Ale? Let me know via the Comments (or on the J-TWO-O Facebook fan page)! I may even treat the winner to a beer!


Charlene said...

I'd like to see some "naught" catch phrases involving men, myself.

Dave S. said...

"Pop the top off a Naughty Nurse!"

Is the beer any good? Gimmicky names raise the perhaps unfair suspicion that the brewers spent more time on the name than the content.