Thursday, June 16, 2011

The best children's book (for adults) ever?

Many of you have no doubt heard about the tongue-in-cheek* new children's book Go the F*ck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, which is really meant for weary parents. (As a parent of a child who has from nearly the moment she came into the world stayed up later than I did and would scream her head off -- sometimes for hours -- when placed in her crib at bedtime, I can totally relate.)

Now, however, you can actually hear the book being read aloud -- by Samuel L. Jackson. [Note: This video clip is NOT safe for listening to in public.]

Now I don't know about all of you but if Samuel L. Jackson told me to go the f*ck to sleep, I sure as hell would.

Btw, for more great Kids' Books to Read after Your Kids Go to Bed, click on the link (which goes to Slate).

*or f*cking hilarious

[H/Ts to StrangeAppar8us and TLEC]


Anonymous said...

This has gone around the ether today!

LOVED IT-sent your blog to several friends who hadn't heard of it yet. One in my office fell down laughing! SERIOUSY!!

Anonymous said...


My ex and I saw this book when we were in Buffalo a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure whether it was offensive or funnier than hell.

I guess as long as it's not read to a child, it's funny!

And, I agree - if Mr. Jackson told me that, I would definitely go to sleep!