Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

In case you missed the memo, today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, which should make J-THREE-O very happy. (She looooooves chocolate ice cream. Me? I am more of a chocolate chip fan.)

It is also Daniel Boone Day -- the day when American pioneer Daniel Boone "discovered" Kentucky.

But wait, that's not all. Today is also the beginning of Shavuot, the period commemorating God giving the Israelites the Torah on Mount Sinai and the first harvest of the season. And how does one commemorate Shavuot, you ask? By eating at least one dairy meal. (Mmmm... chocolate ice cream.) I kid you not.

So in honor of National-Chocolate-Ice-Cream-Daniel-Boone-Shavuot-Day, I will be eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream in my coonskin cap watching a replay of various Kentucky Derbies while reading some Old Testament. (The Book of Daniel, perhaps?)



Anonymous said...

and wash it all down with a mint julip....

Dave S. said...

I thought I recognized that guy. It's Fess Parker as Daniel Boone, recycling his outfit from the Davy Crockett days. (Details here.)

adam green said...


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