Friday, April 1, 2011

The joke's on Mets fans. Again.

Maybe it's appropriate that opening day for the New York Mets is on April 1st this year -- because you would have to be a fool to believe the Mets are going to make it to the World Series (and probably even the playoffs) this year, what with the Madoff scandal affecting payroll and their "ace" pitcher, Johan Santana, out for several months (if not the whole season).

But I've been a fool for the Mets -- or, as I like to say, a Metsochist -- for many years. And, heck, ya gotta believe. Maybe the Mets will surprise me this year and not only get above .500 but end the season on an upswing. To paraphrase the New York Lottery guy, all it takes is some good pitching (and hitting) and a dream.

Play ball! Or, as we Metsochists like to say, Let's go Mets!


Anonymous said...

M-E-T-S Mets Mets METS!!!!

Dave S. said...

Doe those stairs lead out of the basement? Hey, don't leave us Nats fans behind!

J. said...

After a dismal game one, the Mets came back and took games two and three against the Marlins this weekend. However, as their next series is against the Phillies, I am not getting my hopes up -- until they play the Nats. :-)