Saturday, April 23, 2011

Protecting the crown jewels (royal prophalactics)

I'm not sure whether to be amused or appalled by Crown Jewels' new condoms commemorating the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton -- but you gotta admit the box is pretty funny.

"Lavishly Lubed." "Regally Ribbed." And the slogans are also pretty funny: "Like a royal wedding, intercourse with a loved one is an unforgettable occasion." And "Lie back and think of England." Though I think they should have added "Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction: When You Want to Be Royally Screwed."

And if the makers of Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction are looking to do a little cross-promotion, I highly recommend they hook up with the maker of Royal Virility Performance beer. Made with chocolate, Viagra (I kid you not), and "a healthy dose of sarcasm," it is but one of several dozen of the more, um, stimulating, products commemorating the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Sadly, it is only available in the UK.

[Question: How many of you are planning on watching the royal wedding on Friday, either live or videotaped? I'm not a big Anglophile or royal watcher but I am a big fan of wedding cake and Champagne and was invited to a party where they will be serving both while showing the wedding.]


larissa said...

Another wedding?
I'd take the cake and champagne
Leave the rest behind

Anonymous said...

Your heart is made of stone! Weddings are always fun.

J. said...

@Anonymous, don't know if that comment was directed at me or Larissa. Me, I have nothing against weddings, especially when the food, cake, and band are good. (I am ALL about wedding cake. Love.) But they are NOT always fun. As for Will and Kate's big do, I confess, I am curious about her dress, but that's about it.

Ange said...

:-O !!!!!!

The wedding is the same day as my daughter's 7th birthday. I'm a little loyal to the royals so I'm watching.