Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol Top 7 sing songs from the 21st century

I wasn't going to watch American Idol tonight but couldn't find anything better to watch. (Not a Survivor fan, though rats! I forgot about Minute to Win It.) Seriously, the commercials for glee are more exciting than Idol.

Scotty McCreery. Yawn. I'm with Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, "Swingin'" was safe bordering on boring. If Scotty the baseball player was swingin', he struck out. I give Scotty McCreery a B.

James Durbin. That. Was. Awesome. I'm not a big James Durbin fan, but his performance of Muse's "Uprising" was as good as the original. I'm with J. Lo and Randy, he killed it. Best performance of the night -- possibly of American Idol Season 10. My grade for James Durbin: A

Haley Reinhart. Even before her song choice was revealed, I knew Haley was going to sing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." It was a no-brainer. Their voices are very similar, though Haley's version didn't sound as polished as Adele's, though I'm sure the iTunes version will sound better. I don't think Adele has anything to worry about, but a solid performance from Haley. I give Haley Reinhart an A-/B+ tonight.

Jacob Lusk. I'm already bored, and he hasn't even started singing. Nothing against Luther Vandross but "Dance with My Father" is soooo schlocky. (And before y'all get on my ass about being hard-hearted, my father died way before his time, eight years ago, and I didn't wallow in schlocky songs.) I think Jacob has a good voice, but he has to prove to me that he's more than a lounge/karaoke/cruise ship/wedding singer. (Did I leave anything out, VB?) If he makes it to next week, I'm with Randy: Jacob needs to bring it. My grade for Jacob Lusk: B

Casey Abrams. Like Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe." And not a bad song choice for Casey. But it's almost like he's focusing so hard on the words that everything else is suffering. Not Casey's best performance. Feel like I'm watching a high school talent show -- and sorry to say, Casey would not be the winner. But what do I know? Seriously, what are the judges going nuts about? Is it so loud over there that they couldn't actually hear Casey? And does People's Most Beautiful Woman have a crush on Casey? Oy. Judges be damned, I give Casey Abrams a B/B-.

Seriously, it is a sad day when the ads are more entertaining than the show. Loved that ad for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And those new Capital One Venture Card ads with Alec Baldwin are pretty funny too. (And pretty persuasive. I recently got one, though it had nothing to do with vikings or Alec Baldwin and everything to do with no foreign transaction fees and 10,000 free points.)

Stefano Langone. If there is ANY justice, Stefano will be long gone by next week's show. But as we all know justice is blind. And apparently deaf. (But okay that segment on Stefano being a real big flirt was pretty funny. Sadly it was probably way more entertaining than his musical performance will be.) Oy en -- which is Ne-Yo spelled backwards. While "Come Closer" is one of Stefano's better performances and way more spirited than most of what we've seen tonight (a positive), I am still not a fan, though I bet anything Stefano will be safe again. Ack. My grade for Stefano Langone: B

Lauren Alaina. Okay, ENOUGH with the staircase fall already. Sheesh. Move on, people. So, Sara Evans' "Born to Fly"... not familiar with it. And didn't suspect Lauren had a fear of failure. Interesting. And here I thought she was a diva in training. [Listening...] I think Jimmy Iovine jinxed her. Not a bad performance but nothing special -- and will not bring down the house. Definitely not the best performance of the night, but hopefully Lauren will be safe -- and will shake the Iovine Curse. I give Lauren Alaina a B. And totally agree with Steven Tyler than Lauren should sing some Allison Kraus or Shania Twain.

Am a Scotty McCreery fan but think he may be in trouble this week. Actually, I think everyone except James and Stefano could be in big trouble. And will be PISSED if Lauren goes home. It was the same kind of constructive criticism that heralded Pia Toscano getting voted off. Just sayin'.

Okay, J-TWO-O. Back tomorrow with the results.

UPDATED 4/21/11: I thought for sure Jacob Lusk was going home tonight when he was in the bottom two, but it's Stefano Langone. And the irony (?) is last night was one of his better performances. Arrivederci Italian Stallion.


Anonymous said...

BeBye Jacob!

No one is really bringing anything special to this. They are bringing great voices. Any a real star-jury is out, but thinking no.

Madam Toussaint said...

Scotty McCreery- This guy's looking better every week lol

James Durbin- I missed the 1st 2 performances. Sounds like a good song choice and from the clip they showed a good vocal.

Haley Reinhart- Hahaha you knew her song choice. It was a good choice. Made the judges trust her.

Jacob Lusk- When a lot of these contestants feel the song the most is when they mess it up. This sucked and only got emotive at the very end.

Casey Abrams- Agreed, not a bad song choice but there's too many words in that song lol. It's too choppy, he needs something smoother to really sing. The kiss was a good touch though.

Stefano Langone- People seem to like him. I guess he's the most straight up crush-worthy? Every week he gets a little more gassed up though.

Lauren Alaina- That was some good psychology done on Lauren there by Jimmy. Yet, that explains it.

Agreed with Anonymous, nothing special here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, J-TWO-O: long live justice!!! Glad you were wrong on who would leave.