Friday, August 6, 2010

What's on your iPod?

Am thinking I may need to download some new (or old) songs onto the old iPod this weekend. Anyone got any suggestions for a techno-dance-pop fancier who also likes old-fashioned reggae and jazz?

So far, thinking of downloading "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner, "Cry for You" by September, and "Words" by Missing Persons. (Btw, for those of you who think Lady Gaga is an original, take a look at Missing Persons lead singer Dale Bozzio, below. Ahem.)

Note: Current music is welcome, but am also looking to supplement my teeny bopper/Britney and Lady Gaga loving tastes with something perhaps a bit more refined. Or not.

[NOTE: To a see a newer, slicker version of September's "Cry for You," click here. (Embedding is disabled.)]

[NOTE: Also check out this version to see Dale Bozzio in an outfit that would shame Lady Gaga. Again, embedding is disabled.]


Dave S. said...

You cannot go wrong with Missing Persons. Don't forget "Walking in LA"!

I finally picked up some Oingo Boingo a few months ago. Listen to what Danny Elfman did between winning the Gong Show and composing movie soundtracks.

Finally, to combine the 80s and jazz, check out Elvis Costello Live with the Metropole Orkest: My Flame Burns Blue. Like a certain town in Pennsylvania, it is Shamokin.

EMM will vouch for my musical cred and will have her own recommendations as well, I suspect. I will steal one of hers preemptively: Go-Gos!

Anonymous said...

S A T U R NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! By the Bay City Rollers...I know, but it does make me happy!

And of course.....drum roll...ABBA!!!

Another David S. said...

A mix of oldies and newbies:

Bitter:Sweet - THE MATING GAME

Kylie Minogue - X


Vanessa Paradis - DIVINIDYLLE

St. Germain - TOURIST

I know, my Euro influences are showing, but you said you wanted things you could dance to. Good luck!

Ange said...

Eeeek! I'm feeling ancient right now. I'm more of a Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink, Tony Christie sort of girl. Can I even call myself "girl" any more?

Thank goodness for "Anonymous". The BCR were HOT! I remember pinning up my cordoroy pants to mid-calf so that I could flash some tarten socks to the world. The world didn't greet my fashion statement with quite the enthusiasm I was hoping for.

Kendor said...

Since I know how much the Mrs. loves JT, I may need to secretly download "Shower the People" and pre select it as a favorite for her.

And perhaps we can get her space dancing with a little good 'ol Grateful Dead, maybe "Turn on your Lovelight," because you can definitely dance to that one.

Needless to say in our house, I am outnumbered musical preference wise... sigh....


J. said...

@Dave S.: I could never forget "Walking in LA," or "Destination Unknown." As for Oingo Boingo, brings back memories, it does; ditto Elvis Costello and the Go-Gos (the latter or which I have on my iPod). Thanks.

@Not-so-Anonymous: That comment should come with an Ear Worm Warning. I will now be playing "Saturday Night" on the mental jukebox all Friday night. (Did I ever mention to you that I actually saw the Bay City Rollers on Wonderama?) As for ABBA, I have "Mamma Mia" and may have to download some more.

@Another David S.: You know me so well. Great suggestions. Forgot all about "Mating Game." However, unlike you (and Dave S. and Kendor), I rarely listen to entire LPs, though thanks to your comment, we just listened to Paris Combo's LIVING ROOM. (Fantastic album; ditto ATTRACTION.)

@Ange: This Tom Jones' is for you, baby. Also Anonymous is now a big Ange fan. And, excuse me, but what is wrong with corduroy?

As for you @Kendor, playing or downloading to my iPod ANY James Taylor is strictly verboten -- and grounds for divorce, as you well know. However, I am open to some Grateful Dead.

Charlene said...

My iPod is full of podcasts. I am never caught up.

Music, I play that on the CD player in the truck. I'm listening to Crazy Heart's sound track and the new Mary Chapin Carpenter CD.

Anonymous said...

Of course you need some "summertime" by JBJ... and andrea boccelli is a nice thing to have on any IPOD..just in case..

EMM said...

@ J - this was hard. What don't I have on my ipod? I still have 1/2 my CD collection to download.

@ Dave S. You are correct sir, I defer to your lyric knowledge and excellent DJ skills.

Off the top of my head (or what I was thinking about driving home from the movies):

Rockafeller Skank - Fat Boy Slim
Freedom - George Michael
Just Can't Get Enough & Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Love Shack & Shiny Happy People - B-52s
Anything by Erasure!!!
The aforementioned GoGos & Abba
Dog Days are Over - Florence & The Machine
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Something About You - Level 42
Just Like Heaven - The Cure

I could go on and on, but I must now dance around!

J. said...

@Charlene: We are big time fans of the Crazy Heart soundtrack and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

@EMM: Thanks for the inspiration! Just bought me some Depeche Mode and Bronski Beat (already had most of the other stuff ;-), and threw in a little Huey Lewis & the News for good measure. Now if the kid would only let me listen to my iPod in the car. Sigh.